Poppy - part one -

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You are the carrier of her life's tale, and although she may have only stepped out for a moments time, you taken in your hands 1900 years, enveloping your mind page by page in her most desolate desires and earth shattering secrets.

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



With the flick of my inner switch I slow the world, in hopes that for only a moment I can find some peace within my mind. The thoughts of those around me are silenced, and I meditate to the rhythm of my own breathe.

Our existence has been hushed, paid off as if the world’s wagers could cease the havoc they assume we create across their materialistic lands. Each of us, living hundreds if not thousands of lives, doused in emeralds and gold of all kinds. An abundance of knowledge collected year after year in the prestigious universities of this globe, but for what? To live a thousand more years in the shadows, unable to reveal our true nature.

I leave this for you, whom ever you may be, to read, to acknowledge and to analyze. For when you discover the words stained into this leather bound book you never be the same. I warn you now, before you travel deeper into our past, our present, and our future that there will be no going back, there will be no forgetting. You will forever be scared as I have, bound to this secretive world we live in, you too will become a part of the shadows, an outcast within no mind but your own. Unable to speak, unable to react, all you can do is live. So I welcome you my friend, welcome to our personal hell, welcome to our world within yours.


To be continued...

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