Black Branch

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The black branch of the dead tree watches all the things that change people and motivate them from inside.

Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



It smiled above me,

The swaying black branch

From beneath I then tried to reach

The swaying black branch.


It then told me a tale

Of what it saw in the gale

Of apparitions in colored pales

Shrouded in layers of veil


Their minds were occupied

With thoughts that couldn’t be read

And then blabbered about paths

That were made of nothing yet made of things


Their hollow laughter  

and arms like chains

echoed beneath the branch

like a serenade filled with hidden sorrows


and their eyes, glowed with anxiety

up and down jumped in vanity

whispered: “If I fail to carry on,

your steps shall not be lonely.”


What a pity sight it was!

To see one apparition vanished

Only a gust of wind it left

Only a spirit within it left


Utterly alone above the path,

The other one stood under the crescent

Beneath the swaying black branch

Hanging on its place not fallen


The lonely apparition then took a step

With the spirit within that was left

By the ally of nothing

And ally of things that was hollow and now gone


It smiled above me

The swaying black branch

And soon crooked its smile

As it had told me a tale


The tale of how beings

Could be so full of themselves

Of how they burn

By nothing and by things



© Copyright 2019 Noand Hegask. All rights reserved.

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