Thine eyes are the gateway to a beautiful mystery

Such depths of beauty t’would be the death of me

To gaze within their light, the breath of galaxies

Yea, whirlpools more deep than the sea in its majesty

Thine eyes are the gateway, the key to my heart

The light of the morning that scatters the dark

At midday they call, their song beckons me

To my lover, my life, my home, and my lee

O but alas, my heart is undone

For winter has come to my heart and home

Distance must part us for this short time

As I strive to provide for you to be mine

Only, wait for me darling your sweet smile do save

For my homecoming is sure on some bright sunny day

Submitted: August 12, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Noble Durrance. All rights reserved.

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