The Utter Truth

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Millions of lives are taken each year from bullying. Each one of us find a flaw in someone and use it against someone. The Complete Utter Truth of what I went through, If you like this Ill follow it up with of how I felt and the moments of attemped suicide. We need to stop bullying. Its taking lives and its ruining more.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



 Picture this for a moment. Your about to start 6th grade, your so excited to meet new people and have fun with your freinds. Of course you adore school because its the only escape from home. You step in to your first period class room, Math ugh, you sit down in the first desk you see. While you get ready to start, you happen to look up and theres a girl looking at you like your the monster from the black lagoon. For a moment your heart sinks to your stomage, you wonder what the hell is her problem? But you pay no attention to her. As the rest of your day goes well you go in your last period, you see your freinds they all invite you to sit with them. You go ahead and walk over there but the same girl from  your first period stops you and says "where are you going to sit Sarah*?"

"Oh, well im going to sit with my freinds over there." You gesture to them. What does she want?

"Ha thats funny because first of all THEY are my freinds and YOU are nobody. They dont want you there, they want me there." You seem dumbfounded who does she think she is

talking to you like that? Who the hell is this chick? What the hell!?!?!

" Wow that funny because they seem to be waving to me to sit there. Look I know you have a problem with me and as you can see I DONT CARE. So nice to meet you and have a

wonderful day" You walk past her and sit with your freinds. You feel a sense of victory. But that diminishes as you watch her walk to your table and ask your freinds to leave and sit with her. Your so called freinds walks away and sits with her like they are her personal possie. You feel rejected, you feel a sense of anger and jealousy. There you are sitting with by yourself watching your freinds having there time of there lifes with a very unlikable person. You look out the window and three older boys pick on a smaller boy. What is going on? You think to yourself. You relize as you sit there that Middle School is going to be nothing like before.  Sadly thats simmilar to what I had to face and what other young kids that age had to face. It seems that Middle School was the worse expeirience of your life. I grew used to the taunts and chants. I became known as "Fatass", "ugly" , "nobody" , "Useless", "stupid", ect. Everyday girls and guys would come up to me and ask me " Why dont you just end it all? Just kill yourself and make everybody happy."  Everyday each one of us as the human race finds indiffrences and we get those indiffrences and flaws and use them agaist someone to belittle them and make them less than you. Bullying takes millions of lifes each year.Some of us just sit in the guidelines and watch, others join in and make it quite worse, and some are the victims. We need to take action, we need to stop the bullys. But the only way to stop the bullys is to stop ourselves. Even I have to admit even though i know how it feels to be bullied I would still bully. It takes five seconds after you meet someone for you to judge them. As I went through that torment , i went into a deep depression, the only way of escape to me was suicide. Everyday after school i would cut my self and cry as i watched the blood run down the drain. I never went to find help i would always act like nothing was wrong. Im a very silly person, i like to run around and act insane i love to make people laugh and having fun was my top priority. So if i did act how i felt everybody would notice and i didnt want help. Millions of kids feel that way, as i did they feel like nobody can help, noboby can make a diffrence.

Like I said before im not the only one, there are kids out there still that feel that way.  I now am out of that depression. It was the moment when i was about to swallow a bottle of pills i thought that I need to stop this, I need to get my act together and help those out there that are going through worse bullying than me. Today im helping as much as I can. I try to make a diffrence but it wont be enough. We need everyone to help make a diffrence in those lifes that are at the breaking point. We need to stop bullying.

 This is not another sob story this is reality.


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