The Trials Of Expression

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some words about the difficulties of telling people your true thoughts, feelings, or opinions. I have troubles with this...and talking to people in general,


A trial and a dilemma.

Deceiving all with it’s facade of ‘ease’.


Voicing thoughts is a horror.

It is far from simple.


The process is an intricate labyrinth of delicate caution.


For judgement is thick in the minds of others.

Sharing opinions,



Will only make said judgement blossom.

Or perhaps,

It will cause a shift in others’ view of you,

As an individual,

A lover or a friend,

An ally or an enemy.

Expression is a tricky thing.

You must be loud,

But not obnoxious.

You must be heard,

But also understood.

You must be clear,

But not offensive.

And you mustn't smother your meaning in flowery words.

For misinterpretation is a powerful foe.

Or sometimes,

There is an obstacle lurking in your own mind.

Perhaps you cannot find the words,

You cannot bring yourself,

To say them,

Or pen them,

Or wail them.

Or type them,

Or sing them,

Or scream them.

You cannot make yourself say the phrases dripping with meaning, emotion.

“You are my guiding light.”

“I need help.”

“Please don’t leave.”

“I miss you.”

“I cannot forgive you.”

“You mean so much to me.”

“I love you.”


If only it were a simple thing.

For there is so much I


Will not

Am afraid to

Don’t know how to

Want to


To you.

So it will lie in wait until I can find the strength,

To conquer,



Submitted: September 01, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Nocturnal Ponderings. All rights reserved.

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Anne Miller


Sun, September 1st, 2013 3:26am


That's what I was going for.

Tue, January 28th, 2014 11:19am


You're brilliant you know that? I don't know how u do it but your poems have 'it'. This poem is just beautiful

Sun, September 1st, 2013 4:23pm


Oh my goodness thank you so much.

Mon, January 27th, 2014 7:09pm


what a wonderful piece of work, this has body, like it.

Wed, September 4th, 2013 10:04am


Thank you much!

Mon, January 27th, 2014 7:08pm

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