Indifference and Greed which is worse.

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One man once said an indifferent country would fall, just as greed consumes the heart, indifference tears the land apart.

An old poem from 28/02/10

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Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013





Once upon a time ruled a land of avarice, the king who ruled aside he held a heart of ice.

The queen she too was spoilt, her greed would overflow, and soon the peasants down below

Their greed would often show.

‘There is no need to solve those problems, it’s a natural part of life, if you don’t take me by my word, turn and ask my wife.’ (king speaking)

The king would throw excuses, mix and stir his reasons, the peasants would start to riot, and flood away in legions.




In a distant shore, there rested a world so seeminly high, the queen she was accepting, though never looked one in the eyes.

This place was just indifferent, never learnt about their masks, they’d run about ignoring each other, busy in their tasks.

‘This place is full of peace, the quietness is tranquil, here there is enough, for everyone to fill.’ (queen speaking)

The queen would speak aloud, never seeing eye to eye, her heart it too uncaring, within a perfect lie.



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