Real Hero

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Well it's a poetry about the real Heroes.
If such exist.
Hope that you enjoy it , even though I didn't work a lot on it (^^')

The image is made by: Marin.

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013





Once I saw a paper,

That was glued to a tree

It had simple message

For you and for me


With red, crooked letters 

That the author wrote

“Somebody is joking!”

Was first thing I thought


I stopped by to read it

Because well, you see

I had nothing better

At that time for me


“ I search for a Hero!

If you’re one then call”

Was what it was written

I raised my eyebrow


“I search for a Hero”

This kid must be nuts

He can search all he wants

But he won’t have a chance


The Heroes from TV

They are in our heads

Those guys with the muscles

Those guys with the capes


They all are just fiction…


But then we are done…

Because there are villains

And they’re more than one!


Who is going to save us?

Who is going to help?

Who is to prevent,

This world from its end?



I sat on a bench,

Looking straight to nowhere

Thinking of fiction Heroes

And the costumes they wear


I must have gone crazy

But that was what I thought

“The Heroes, must be real

They are someone you know”


The Heroes don’t fly

They do not have magic arms

But there is no doubt

That they are among us


The Hero is waking,

By his alarm clock.

Gasps while complaining

That he wants to slack


The Hero is going to work

Or to school

Wearing sunglasses, and thinking-

He is cool


The Hero would rather,

Play games or sing songs

Instead he has to listen

And he has to work


The Hero is someone,

Who chats with his friends

His world of ideas

Don’t have a single fence


The Hero is someone,

Who reads comic books

Pretending that he has

“Main character looks”


The Hero is one

Who’ll stand up for his friends

Even knowing, that he

Is not the best defense


The justice don’t matter

He fights not for world

But just for his closest

That’s what he was taught


With face, blue from hitting

With one swollen eye

The Hero will smile, saying:

“I am fine!”




I pictured that smile

And smiled myself

This world. It is safe!

And we are not done!


The Heroes are still here

The Heroes – they LIVE!

I know it is stupid

But you have to believe!


You, me, everybody,

Got something inside

That helps us to stand up

And do what is right


We have greater powers

Than magic itself

Our hearts hold small fires

None can stop them


So, if you seek Hero,

You don’t have to go

Just look in the mirror

And see what it’ll show!

© Copyright 2018 Nodoka_43. All rights reserved.

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