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Well, for my Religious Education homework we had to create a religion. So I did.

Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011



Once upon an unknown time, there was a teenage girl called Drew. People laughed at her and called her "Emo", and she tried not to care, but she did, and it tore her apart inside. After her first year at high school, she had become suicidal. After a particularly miserable day of being harrassed at school, she decided enough was enough, and she overdosed on antidepressants.

A week later, she woke up in hospital, and she saw here favourite band standing in front of her. My Chemical Romance. They told her to never give up, and to not care what other people though of her. The told her as long as she was happy on the inside, nothing else mattered.

After recovering, she went onto the internet and made a website. She called it "Never Give Up". It was a website where unhappy teenages could go to and talk about their problems and things that upset them. She made it so they could all talk and help eachother through life.

After a month, there were over 10 thousand members and over 500 lives had been saved.

So, after a while members kept talking about a thing called  "Drewdaism". Drew noticed this and asked the members what this was. Someone replied, "We have decided to make a Religion, because you saved our lives, and you deserve it."

Two years later, "Drewdaism" had become a a major religion. Along with Christianity, Sikhism, Jewdaism, and so on.

She didn't care that her name was known across the world. She didn't care that she was cosidered famous globally. She only cared about all the lives she saved. All these years later, and she still saves lives daily.

She wrote a book. It was called "Never Give Up". It was an international bestseller. And most people though of it as their Holy Book.

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