"Whatever happened to me, i will never give up till my last breath"

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There is a boy, who wants to create something but was not allowed even then he did not listen and then have to bare consequences!

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



"Whatever happened to me, i will never give up till my last breath"

I uttered in fury" this is my life time achievement, i would not let it go in one moment"
John nodded . "Sure you must not let it go, but i think its too late to gain it back."

We were arguing on this heated argument, soon a door bell rang. "ri - ring ring", within a same time a heavy
fist pounded the metal piece "knock knock". I yelled "wait coming coming". I eyed through an eye hole,
there was a man in black suit. I asked "Who is it??".  

A raspy voice answered : "It's me, I have a note for you. Actually it's from interpol. May you open the door
I was like dumbfounded when i heard the word "interpol". His akcent sounded pure american. I hook up door
chain and and opened the door, a wave of fresh air, went down my spine.
I queried : "Sir, may I see your identity?" "Yes, for sure." He answered. He put his hand in his court and grab an
identity card, and showed me. I was more confused than afraid. I open the lock, and let him in.

John yelled "Who is it on the door, he came to look, before my answering". He stared in bewilderment for
moments, not the man but the identinty card which was dangling in officer's neck. He whispered "F.B.I" with
questioning eyes and the blood drained down from his face.
Officer said "No need to get panic, I just have a letter from authorities, which they have given me to handel you guys.
I speak in disbelief: "Letter from an interpol, what kind of letter?" I exchanged looks with john.
Officer rotates some password combination, of his briefcase and eventually creaking sound come and lock
opened. He take out some white envolope and said this is what i have been looking for you.
I move towards him and grab the envelope, but he just don't leave the letter and asked me, before taking
that you first have to sign here, I signed. He whispered "impressive".

My eyes were still revited on the white envelope, i open the seal .....
I read the whole letter, at one moment i sensed i am seeing a nightmare. The letter clearly states that i must
handle my specimen within a due time.I was like flabbergasted, that how the interpol get knew all about this,
this was confidential and only knew by bunch of my teachers and my friend john.

When i was clearing my last semister, i asked my teacher and discussed about this specimen, i showed him all
my research and documentations to him, he was persuaded by my new project. He himself was completely
convinced about this, but he said that tommorow morning we will discuss it, you have to hold your horses till

Hence, tommorow becomes my worst nightmare, my eyes were shinning due to happiness, that today is my
day,everyone will be too awestruck by my specimen. But than, after recess i was called by my teacher to
office room, I went there happily but i was not aware, that this worst thing will ever happen to me. Teachers
said me "You did great, Carter! You are faboulous, your thinking will lead you much higher. But, my son we... I
stammered, but wh-what? She said at this age and level we can not permit you of making this
specimen,your reserch is limited". I argued " But I can prove it, give me just one chance, I will show you". I
knew you can but its not legible we simply can not or you have to wait till you end your last semister and
housejob" she continued. My throat becomes too raw to speak, I just can not believed what i just heard.
Finally i spoke, sorry mam, I cannot obey you. I am leaving college right away..... Teachers try to convince
and persuade me but it was too late for them.

John and I were an intimate friends, since childhood, we planned that we will design this specimen and will
show the world. John help me alot, as he belongs to rich and setteled family, he supported me financially,
morally and in all aspects. He was only my closed friend, who always supported me, even in dire conditions
he never left me alone. We started working on this sample, and eventually we make it .
Today i make it, i was too happy, soon we had information that our university is trying to trace us, I chuckled,
that even if they try to search they can not, bcause we made this lab in underground, and far away from
city. I Never anticipated, they will sent an interpole for that.

Letter was in my hand, perspiration started from my fore head. All unanswered quesions starts burning my
head .My innovation was not merely a specimen.. but more than that, a spend almost my five years to make
this, i worked day and night to make this specimen and soon i was going to inaugrate it. Via this single
specimen one can blew, a large area. In fact, A very large more than that of U.S. state. If i am going to lose
this it means i will never have a chance to prove my self, I just built this prototype, this was not an actual
specimen, this was based on very small sample 1:100000 ratio. This can hardly only blew two houses, just two.
This was all secret, and was only knew by me and john, even this was not included in my documentations.
I knew i will lose it vey soon so i decided, Whatever happened to me, i will never give up till my last breath, I
will give this sample to U.S. and will ask them to corperate and help me to built more than this, I knew if i would
deny or do anything offence, i will just do nothing but will twist the knife. Firstly if i do so, they will jailed me
secondly i will lose my life time achievment without even getting reknown. So i thought differently and finally
after clearing my semister I got support from government and today i am the maker of this special "radio
hydrogen bomb".



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