Lion in Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

At 19, Audrey Wilder could have only imagined her life would turn out the way it did after school. After moving to Wyre Peak to go to Lloyd Alexander University, her logical mind is stretched to the limit and not just in the syllabus. Her personal life is turned up side down when her sense of reality is twisted and pulled when she meets Klaus and Theodore. What secrets do both they and the town hold? Who are they and what do they do? More importantly, why is she in so much danger?

Table of Contents

Aesop's Fable

Audrey Wilder is 18 when she first moves to a mountain town called Wyer Peak. Having just finished school and having moved to go to a prestigious university, she lives in a beautiful, old but neat house, bought for her by her parents, on the side of the mountain, Wyer Peak. At about a 10-minute drive from the town centre, she lives comfortably away from the busy hustle and bustle. She soon finds it whispering to her. She finds dishes cleaned, clothes put away, house miraculously tidy after a house party. Fearing someone living in her house she vows to go down to the station in town to lodge a complaint and have it investigated but her dreams tell her otherwise. Enter: Theodore Barker Read Chapter

Meet & Greet

Chapter 1: Meet & Greet   ‘You must be Audrey Wilder!’ A tall, alarmingly slim woman stood up from the recept... Read Chapter

Klaus Fletcher

Chapter 3: Klaus Fletcher Peggie had asked for my keys before we left. I mentioned how I might have needed help moving my bags from t... Read Chapter

3 of Us

A/N: Images of the house are in my profile - they have been difficult to explain but they are what I want in the story!    ... Read Chapter

Heart and Mind

Chapter 5: Heart and Mind   When I was younger I used to write. I’d write stories of handsome men rescuing me from the bor... Read Chapter


Chapter 6: Hunter Chapter 5 –Hunter   ‘Nick.’ My brother hissed. ‘Nick, you idiot.’ He continued, ‘... Read Chapter


Chapter 7: Generosity   It wasn’t exactly my favourite part of the day, the morning.  Mornings weren’t easy fo... Read Chapter


Chapter 8: Foundation   When I got home something was different. In the sitting room the fire was lit. I hadn’t t... Read Chapter

A game's afoot

Chapter 9: A game's afoot   I woke up to the sound of rain. It was loud on the roof. I pushed away my covers and walked... Read Chapter

Revelations and Vanity

Chapter 10: Revelations and Vanity   Klaus stood up and moved next to him. They were similar in height and had the same gree... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Riddle   Theodore sat down loudly and looked at me expectantly a smile playing on his lips. He folded his hands ... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Switch   I regained consciousness later. I blinked my eyes open to find myself in a room that was unfamilia... Read Chapter

Journal entry

JOURNAL ENTRY (Dated the present time)   I didn’t really believe it could be a possibility anymore. 127 years of hunting a... Read Chapter


Chapter 14: Distant   Making breakfast was a novelty. I used to cook breakfast on the weekends back home. Now that this... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Gambling   "Have you news? " I looked at her as she walked in to the room. Her tall frame stood close t... Read Chapter

Thicker, still

Chapter 16: Thicker, still Klaus and I walked down the hallway. My computer was in one hand and the other linked with h... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Mystery     The lecture went by more slowly than sloth climbing a tree. I felt the heaviness of a t... Read Chapter

The Old Man on Hahn Street

Chapter 18: The Old Man on Hahn Street   The rain was torrential by the time the lecture had ended and I walked out to the c... Read Chapter


Chapter 19: Veritè   I left as soon as I could but I left assuring him I would come back. It must have been hard for h... Read Chapter


Chapter 20: Crumble   I woke up when Klaus picked me up off of the couch. He carried me in his arms and headed for the ... Read Chapter

The Beginning

Chapter 21: The Beginning  There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who are there for you in difficult times ... Read Chapter


Chapter 22: Potential Klaus walked into the room.   ‘Are we bickering children?’ He teased.   I sh... Read Chapter


Chapter 22: Challenges   The lecture room was the same, incidentally, as the one that I endured my first lecture in on the f... Read Chapter


Chapter 24: Emilia   ‘Theodore, when you hunt…do you…’ I began but couldn’t finish. I was still so startled by the... Read Chapter

More than meets the eye

Chapter 25: More than meets the eye We walked up the stairs, he had my arm linked with his. When we reached the very top flo... Read Chapter


Chapter 26: Mystérieux   I pulled it out of the shelf and walked around with it held to my chest.   I pas... Read Chapter

Booze and Bitches

I spun around to meet the face of the intruder. Her black hair was unmistakable;  Christena. 'You scared me! Plus, you're ea... Read Chapter