i can finally learn

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struggling with learning how to do things again on my own ,, after being sick with multiple illness,,,

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




I can finally learn


In the corner of my eyes

lives two little tears I have yet cried

they wanna meet at the bottom of my chin

but I fight to hold them in


I know it'd be better to let them go

but my pride said no

I can't let them slide

down my face to die


though they may join as one

they will forever be gone

they hold me together inside

and to free them would be the end of my time


I struggle with the pain I feel

doing my best to remain strong

so that everything will be fine

when ever I open my eyes


I feel them building up inside

but out side it must stay dry

raw around my eye lids

thats from those I have already shed


two more I must keep

for another day maybe next week

I feel so strange trying to explain

but it's just a part of the game


hide from what holds me down

afraid some one will understand

and then they will always be there

preventing me from trying again and again


to do the things I once was able to do

with out the support of a anothers hand

I struggle with in to make it myself

yet some one always attempts to pull me in


I want to be strong you see

even though my body is weak

my mind still works well

and I fight to do it myself


thats why I fight to hold them in

so another want come to rescue me

I have to learn what I can do

and I want as long as some one steps in


so the tears I need to shed

I hold them with in instead

so no one can see I hurt

and I can finally learn





some times in life we face things that hold us in place and after becoming sick with multiple medical problems I feel some times that when ever I try to figure out just what I am still able to do although it is all limited this I know,, still I long to learn all over again to discover some thing that lets me feel whole again,, I wrote this poem because some times I feel that my illness holds me back and I don't like feeling this way and if I show it then I know some one close to me will tempt to help me do things I want to learn how to do myself ,, yet they all fear I am going to hurt myself and yeah there is a chance of that happening but how will I even know if I don't try,,,,,  

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