Vampire's Bride

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A poem about the hunt for a new mate...

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Cast out into the streets
Like a beggar in the night
Unprotected and all alone
You can feel something isn’t right

For months now, I’ve been watching
Waiting for the right time
To catch you all alone
And finally make you mine

No one cares about you
Or even calls your name
But tonight the wind blows strong
For all of that is about to change

Arms like steel surround you
Taking away your breath
This, however, will be worth it
As there are boundless pleasures in death

Stealing away into the night,
I take you away with me
There is so much to eternity
That I cannot wait for you to see

Do not fear my fangs,
Or my bright red eyes
They are only meant for you
To seduce and mesmerize

You’ll bow to my every whim
Through ages and eternity
Gone will be your mortal fears
And foolish uncertainty

Won’t this be so great?
Forever side by side?
Just fear me, love me, and obey me,
For you are now my vampire bride!

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