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This is an account of the things I experienced whilst living in an old brick house in the country; It's a tale of ghosts, as well as a bit of a biography. Not the best thing I've ever written, but I though I should tell it.

Submitted: July 27, 2008

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Submitted: July 27, 2008



I can still remember that old house. The stupid wooden paneling in the living room and hallways that I always hated, the ugly cream colored carpet that was later replaced with blue, the pink flowers on the wall tiles in the bathroom, they way all of the plugs in the walls were upside down. It was built in the 50's, and everything in it was original when we moved in in 1999.

'99 was a bad year; My uncle died, followed by my cousin. I started having seizures, which went away 3 years later. And moving in that house was by far the worst thing that happened that fateful year.

I'm going to start of by telling you that I'm perfectly normal. No mental illness, nothing. Everything I'm about to tell you really did happen, I'm not the only one who experienced them, and wasn't just seeing things.

The first unusual thing that happened was after we moved in, we decided to take the carpet up. Mom wanted wooden flooring. We started in the hallway. When my dad ripped it up, there was a strange black stain. What was stranger, it was human shaped. The landlord told us that an old woman died there. Since that day, dad always joked about "The Granny in the walls" whenever we heard something strange of something happened. None of us ever really believed in the paranormal. We just joked around.

Then one night, I started having strange dreams about the house. In all of them, the place was haunted and there were demons. For some reason, the bathroom was a point of interest in all of these rooms, along with my bedroom.
In one, there was something demonic in the bedroom; Scared the crap out of me. In another, there was something in the shower. Something.... dead.

Then I noticed something strange about the bathroom: it was like... the walls tried to close in on you. Literally. I never figured that one out.

One morning, around 5am when my dad got up and went to work, he accidentally woke me. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I just rolled over. I had a clear view of the hallway, and the bathroom, from where I was laying. There was a small closet by the bathroom where we kept our towels. As I was laying there, I saw a lady walk out of either the bathroom or the closet, along with a child. I vaguely remember hearing a woman's voice, but at the time I just took it as my moms. The lady said "Katie, is that you?." It was honestly the most horrific thing I've ever experienced.

After my Great Grandma died, we went to a yard sale. By a bizarre coincidence, we found a music box that my aunt had made for her, which my Great Grandma sold to someone who sold it to someone who gave it to someone who sold it at the yard sale. It had been broken and glued, and there was a large, crooked gap. My mom had it beside her bed in a box, and sometimes, it would just start playing. For no reason. Then a few months later, we noticed that the large crack was completely gone. We have no idea why.

Nothing happened for a while. Just the occasional unexplained noise.

Then, even our emotions began to change.
My dad went.... insane, for lack of a better word. My mom was always depressed. And I was always scared.

One night, lightening struck. It caught the dryer on fire, and fried pretty much everything that happened to be plugged in the the time.
That place had been struck by lightening 7 times while we lived there.

Then, my parents finally divorced;
I saw my dad every other weekend.
When I spent the night there, I never slept. The place had such a bad vibe, it made me insomniac.
On one of those many sleepless nights, I suddenly heard glass breaking in the spare room, I'm assuming. Dad was asleep, so he wouldn't have heard anything. I checked in there the next day, and nothing was broken anywhere.

Of course, this wasn't the only house I've experienced paranormal things in.

In the apartment my mom and I moved into after the divorce, I had a few strange things happen.

Once, I opened the shower, and there were hundreds of flies in there, some of them dead. No explanation of how they got in there. No logical reason they could have. Still a mystery.

Then, one day my mom and I heard a noise in the kitchen, like marbles or something falling on the floor. Then a bang in the bathroom, like a cabinet closing.

My mom also always felt something on her bed. A pressure, like someone/something was sitting on it. I felt it a few times.

Nothing else happened in that apartment.
We've just moved.
I'm wondering what sort of paranormal activities await me here;
You know how they say some people just attract supernatural things to them? I think I'm one of them.

end notes:
Last week, I finally told my mom what I saw there. She shared an interesting piece of information: And old woman & a small boy DID die there. She also told me that she, too, experienced unexplainable phenomena.  I can only imaging what they were;

After writing this and thinking of that old house, it occurred to me that there was a strange face in the paneling.... Like the wood grain  was in the shape of someones face....

Also, we've been living here for about a month. I can proudly say that I haven't experienced anything strange yet, except for an irrational fear of my bedroom and dreams about death every night, as well as the doorbell ringing on it's own. I'm sure there are reasonable explanations for these happenings.

Yet something tells me that these paranormal things will begin again soon...

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