Hard to take

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a poem about family

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



Why is my family gone?

I looked up to you, a guy chosen over family.

a 1000 broken promises, memories that are blurry.

Who cares what he did, Its all in the past.

I lost you so soon, its happened so fast.

he distroyed my trust, And stole my innocence.

leave me alone, and keep your distance.

you only cared about yourself,

You never cared about me.

And choosed to stay with that molester,

Was it really that easy?

You choose a guy over your family,

Even though he cheated on you.

And they all agreed with your actions,

Your actions were true.

I always have the mask on,

Mom gets angry when I make a face.

cant I take it off once? My feelings cant be replaced,

You're all blind to my pain I drown in my own

confusion As you all laugh and smile.

Myfamily, only an illusion

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