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have sum

Submitted: September 09, 2008

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Submitted: September 09, 2008



a mistake something we all needed to make

never try and take

away the thing that makes us our way

for we are as clay

broken and reshaped always and never all in one day

like as if to say when tha rain is out the sun will wtihout a doubt stay away

happens out of mis happes makes are minds sway

every time tha wind blows just like a change of clothes

tried to keep it all behind doors that are closed

so our mind keeps stock of many diffrent kinds of poses

and awhile our mouths are full of supposes

it will never go to show what we know now to then only then to now

so we shouldnt ask how just like we know milk comes from a cow

the mistakes fluctuate like tha stock market so always watch tha dow

take tha towel

and wipe tha sweat from ur brow

from all tha hard work of mistakes that come around

not everyone luvs tha sound

of a mistake being rubed into tha ground

when sum one iz questioned about how they were apart of it their never around

even when they stand in tha same room never admit thier married to it just like a groom

we should never shape people off of what we assume

what if we took thier mistakes as our own to consume

never jump off of a flume

unless its ur own bridge of doom

if not ur libel to be set a blaze by ur own hazardous fume

left to walk around in tha mistake costume

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