i forgot ta say im dead

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walk with me as tha undead

Submitted: September 09, 2008

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Submitted: September 09, 2008




i feel like ive taken two to da head

for i am a man dat walks with tha undead

with every tear that iz unshed

and my soul remains unfeed

livin a life like a fed undercover

so i now im just as fake as rubber

or a pimp dat manages fake lovers i am unlike any other

and i have many o brotha with out a mother

but we all still know dat we lover her

with unsaid words of war never finding tha door

i new once before where it was now just for becasue i know not where tha door handel iz

iz this tha way life is supposed to be lived where not one can give

what has not already been givin

like an indian iz how we feel weather

life can deal a fullhouse or two jacks

we are always lookin back to tha facts that are made up of fictions

we are our own contradictions of sntiches holdin all of are riches

 that we clam that iz no where to be found even when we look in all the ditches and trenches that are as deep as nine hudred thousand feet we claim defeat

to speak of it no more when are mind iz full of it more and more

makes are hearts and feelings hit tha floor quicker than shells released from a nine millie

all this made to sound silly but we all have pulled tha triger once or twice or maybe even thrice

weve all rolled tha dice in this game of scraps

with tha fingers that snap

with the dice releasul of tha soul placing every call on hold with an operator telling us to pay tha toll

to stay on tha line never leave tha fone no matter how old we get placed to fit and sit

for we were meant to be spent and made change of like hundred dollar bills with tha worth of a dollar

makes every thing so tight like a man with a small collar

its all just to hard to swallow weve all tryed to follow

but it just makes us all hollow

leavin all in sorrow

never forget we all have tommrow

just make sure that yesterday never follows and calls thoughs today

because it will either make you or them fade away

always remembering what to forget to say

make all ur words clear with haze

scrambling to find our ways out side of tha maze

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