speakin yet never spoken

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i never heard but i hear

Submitted: September 09, 2008

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Submitted: September 09, 2008




knowing and showing what you kno never goes when no one knows what you know or what it iz dat u thought u knew

 it blew like the wind when you say who knew when u continue to talk when you were never taught

about what you thought and dats when you get caught in your own lie dat iz tha truth

everything that your lips let loose

even the cabos of the use in tha way u share when everyone and no one cares and stares with out a gaze of what you gave to tha conversation

within tha stimulation lie like a presdient in front of tha whole nation

so tell me what you and i know to hold as knowledge acting like weve all been to college and earned degrees in what we see and speak

in tha street its yelled but never telled

takin it with u like show and tell knowing darn well you fell upon it when you heard it ecko in youre mind

actin like youre just as bright as when tha sun shines

when all there iz you thought to know are one-liners when it leaves your mouth its thrown out like trash can liners

your words and thoughts or as good as tha food in cacroach infested dinner

so i think you should know dat are thoughts are tha designer of are lives knowing tha truth of knowledge can break u out in hives

it can even make you cry under water when you drown in your word of knowledge

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