The thief and The Lady

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READ: Please? So, this was actually not suppose to be my first piece submitted after my giant absense. I had something else planned...but when that didn't work out I had nothing. This peice was actually one of two submissions I used a couple months ago for some local contest. However, this didn't make it in; but the other one did :) Too bad you guys won't see the winning piece though *awww*
So why did I decide to post this instead then? Guilt I guess? I mean, after saying I was coming back soon in Feburary and not posting and it's already like, what, May? I guess I felt bad in a way. I seriously thought I had time to write guys but, hey, I misjudged :/
And here it is, my non-poem!
Note that I tend not to write stories so Please review. I went experimenting in this one. I'm a hungry writer and reviews is like food. ;) And it's also it's 2 am and I'm suppose to be searching for colleges...whoops.
Side-Note: Yes I MEANT to lowercase the 't' in thief.

Submitted: May 06, 2014

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Submitted: May 06, 2014



The thief and the Lady


The screen flickered out of its harsh static state, revealing a tired man sitting patiently in a dark, leather seat. He smiled gently at me, a soft hello. But I can only stare at his eyes, his deep, black, thinning eyes: they were cold and calculating.

“Anna, you’re okay…” The man started, touching the side of his camera lens gingerly. I can almost feel it, his winkled calloused fingertips on my face, and I twitched. The man holding me hostage tugged my shoulder at my reaction: warning me.

“Hi Father…” I said quietly but loud enough for it to ripple echoes across the dark room. The room only had one source of light: a weak light bulb that burned heat across my face. “Yes, I am doing very okay…”

From the corner of my eye, I saw my thief give a slight nod of approval, loosening his grip on my shoulders. I let out a silent sigh and took a deep breath.

“But Father, I am not quite sure how long I will stay this “okay”…” On que, the thief slithered an object out of his pocket. It seemed to shine even in the dim light, reflecting my nervous eyes off its metal body. Father stiffened, and so did I. I stared at the knife, searching my face within, seeing my breath fog up the surface and wondered how scared I looked.  How scared did Father think I looked?

My thoughts were cut short when I felt the knife pressed slightly on my neck. The teeth dug in gently, begging to go in all the way. I couldn’t help but shutter as I felt my living pulse riding against its sides. I tried to calm myself down, reassuring myself that the thief wouldn’t kill me, that wasn’t the plan but I was breathing too roughly. My thief squeezed my shoulder, softly this time, before emerging from the shadows that hid him. My thief wore nothing but a sly, black suit, a ragged ski mask covering his face.

“Let her go!” Father hissed when finally spotting the man, “Untie her this instant!” My thief didn’t follow, his hard, dark eyes said nothing but business.

“Then give us what we want. You know what it is.” my thief commanded in a tone almost as cold as the air,” Or do you want to find out what we will do if you don’t?” My thief started to press the knife in deeper but not enough to break skin. I started to choke from the shock and felt the blade subtly loosen. There was a sound of a chair falling.

“Stop, stop! Please, stop! Don’t hurt her.” Father said sternly but frantically,” I’ll do it. I’ll even offer the price. Just don’t hurt her.” He turns around and reaches for his pocket. At that instant, I see the color of the background of the room he was in. There was only one room in the entire mansion with bright teal walls and I use to sleep in it everyday. I closed my eyes, remembering the last night I spent in my room. This was before; instead I now spend the rest of my nights with my kidnapping thief…

“How about a million?” Father says, as I reopen my eyes, taking out several bills out of his pocket. My thief simply shakes his head making Father take out more bills, “Five?” My thief disagrees again, unsatisfied by my Father’s offers.

“We want fifty million.”

“Fifty million! Are you kidding me?!” Father yelled, outraged, ‘’That’s too much!” I winced. Fifty million was a lot but not too much in our family. We came from a wealthy line of wealthy people who have wealthy jobs that, conveniently, married wealthy spouses. I was a Lady at birth; luxury was in my blood. Money was never an issue yet he was bargaining a price. I felt my anger boil. My thief must have sensed it.

“On second thought, let’s make it a billion.” He revised, a hint of amusement leaking through. Father pounded my desk, making a rattling sound.

“One billion! What happened to fifty you little son of a--“

“Ah, ah, ah…” my thief interrupted, wagging the index finger on his freehand before setting it back on top of my shoulder, “No cursing in front of the Lady, sir. Where are your manners?” Father mumbles something under his breath, breathing out a swear here and there. Then there was a lingered silence, neither side saying a word. Again, I feel another squeeze on my shoulder. I gulped.

“F-Father? Daddy? Are you going to save me?” Father’s head rose as he sighed. He stared at me deeply still saying nothing.  At that moment, I felt a gloved hand struck my face. I let out a quick yelp at the sudden pain before another struck my other cheek. My face started to burn and sting and had already began to throb. I wanted to touch my cheeks but couldn’t move my hands from behind the chair.

“Hey!” Father yelled, his rage starting to build again. My thief just tsked.

“Sir, my patience is starting to wane. Do we have a deal or not?” Father went quiet for another moment. He was thinking. My thief raised his hand again.

“Okay, deal. I’ll give you the billion and you give my daughter back.” Father slouched in defeat. My thief lowered his hand and dropped the knife on the ground. I let my head fall, relieved by the cold absence of the weapon.

“Tomorrow. Ten o’clock sharp. There will be a man at the corner of 5th and 2nd street. No need to look for him; he knows what you look like. He will have your daughter and you better have the money. Be alone. Don’t tell anyone. If you bring reinforcements we will know and we will not be happy.” My thief straightens his pose and pulls out a controller. “See you soon, sir.”

Father tries to spit something out before the screen goes blank. But it was too late and the screen statics before turning completely off. The room suddenly feels much bigger. After a moment, my thief faces me, his mask already off, and runs a hand through his thick raven hair. He lets out a long sigh.

“You could move now, it’s over.” He says while tucking a stray hair behind my ear, “I told you we didn’t need to get real rope. You don’t need to be actually tied to look tied.” I released my hands from the back of my chair and stretched forward. I automatically touched my cheeks. They still ached a little. David frowned.

“I’m sorry I had to do that…it, it was for show. I hated it…” David said gently, his lips pressing sweetly on my forehead. I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling of my thief’s lips. I let a few tears slip out.

“I know, David…you had warned me previously that…that event was most likely going to occur and I had accepted it, remember? I am fine. I know you did not mean it, David. Do not be ashamed. That is not what is bothering me, however…”

I bit my lip, trying to prevent a sob from breaking out. But I couldn’t. I covered my entire face with my hands. “This…this is just all so new to me…we are, we are s-so terribly close to…and F-Father, he…he almost…” I cried freely, letting my thief embrace me, rubbing my back for comfort. I felt embarrassed. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was crying for. Was it happiness that everything was going according to plan? Was it anger at my father? Possible sadness? I couldn’t tell. I was confused. This was supposed to be simple. We couldn’t afford any interfering emotions. I had to push it away; I had to if I wanted David. And I wanted him badly.

I ran the list through my head again to remind myself, as I did everyday, and repeated the steps of our plan. We were halfway there. Step one: Stage a kidnapping. I breathed in, David’s scent filling my nostrils. I smiled. Step two: File a ransom. He held me tighter, our lips meeting, my tears slowly fading. Step three: Fake death. I didn’t know how, but he did. And I trusted him. Step four: Be free.

And maybe, I can finally love my thief in peace.

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