The Dark Side To Bookstores

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
When you think of the word 'bookstore' you think of books on shelves, people looking at books, cash registers, and signs with genres or certain section types. But what you dont think about are the people who go to book stores just to read and hopefully go un-noticed or bothered. They seem harmless, but when you take a closer look you find they are anything but. The upcpoming events are both disturbing and real for three 9th grade girls. You've been warned. It's really not that bad.....I think.

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



I'm sitting in the back of Sam's dad's van on the day our friend Kate finally has a day off of basketball. We are going to meet Kate at Borders since she had a doctors appointment and was close by. I'm happy because a few books came out that I want to read, I just hope Borders has a few copies.

We pull up to the store and hop out of the van. Sam's dad waits until we get into the store before he drive's away. I make a beeline for our favorite section. The "Graphic Novel" section has all the comic books anyone could ask for, especially manga.

As I get there Kate is looking at 'Fruits Basket'. I look behind to Sam and we both share a knowing cynical smirk. We creep forward and when we are close enough to Kate we both grab her and say, "What are you doing?!" She gives a loud shriek and turns around wide eyed.

"Oh my gosh! You guy scared me!" she says pushing us each.

"That was the point," I chuckle.

"So Kate, what have you been up to?" Sam asks cheerfully.

"Not much. Just been busy with basketball and such," Kate says walking further down the alse.

Both Sam and I say "Oh" and a silence passes through. We all pretty much ignore each other, except when we bump into one another, and search for some books to read. Out of the three of us Kate is the slowest at finding something to read. Sam is done within five minutes and is waiting on me and Kate. I'm currently have a debate on if I should read a certain book or not.

I pause and look over at Sam because I feel her blue eyes staring at me. She is standing with two books looking boredly at me and Kate. I sigh and decide that the three books in my hand are good enough and turn away from my possible fourth.

"Hey Kate, you find anything yet?" I whisper.

"Nnnn, I dont know. This one looks interesting, but I have this one," she says holding up a copy of Fruits Basket.

Sam pops up next to her and says, "Well, grab the volume you havent read and that other book so we can go read."

"....Fine. I'll be there in a second so go ahead and find us a spot to sit."

Leading the way Sam goes to where the chairs are set up and plops down in one. I follow her lead and sit. We both immedietly start in on our books. Kate finally makes her way over to the chairs and sits, beginning to read as well.

Occasionally one of us will say 'Hey guys look, this is hilarious!' and we laugh a little but it's mostly quiet. At some point Sam finishes her books and gets up.

'Probably going to get the next volumes,' I think continueing to read shaking my head at her. After sometime Sam somes back. I dont look up but I know shes standing over me because shes giggling.

"Jen, hey Jen, come with me for a second," she says.

"No. I'm not done," I scowl.

"Yes, COME NOW. The old guy over there, when I passed by he was reading porn!" Whipering excitedly in my ear, she grabs my arm tugging hard. "Look when we go by."

I sigh and get up. Theres no way this guys reading porn out in the open like this. Sam skips past the old man and turns around to wait for me. I slowly go past him glancing down as I go. As I look down all I see is a book about computers. I sigh knowing that Sam was just playing around with me. Suddenly I see the old man shift and when he does a book slides out from under the computer book. It's open behind the computer book and to my surprise its got naked women on in it and some men doing some interesting things. 

I scurry off to Sam and into an aisle. I look at her and say, he's just reading a sex book not a porn and whats the big deal. But she shakes her head and says, "Thats not all though. Watch him carefully and see what he does."

So I grab a random book and pretend to read it and lean against the bookself facing his direction wondering what is so damn interesting and funny. I look at the guy and dont notice anything. I sit like that for a few seconds and I'm starting to think I've been played for a dummy. Just then I start to notice him moving a little bit. He's rubbing his hand against the inside of his leg and up as if he has an itch but cant scratch to hard. He doesnt stop doing it either. I'm not sure what he's doing, but I hope he isnt doing what I think he is.

I turn to Sam and give her a 'wtf' look. She says, "Did you see?"

"Yes, and if he's doing what I think he is then thats gross," I say in disgust.

"I know! If he's seriously doing that then hes just a dirty old man apparently."

"Mhm, hey we should see if Kate notices," I say.

"Oh yeah, lets go get her. I bet she wont."

Sam starts to take off but i stop her.


"Whaaaat?" she asks irritaded.

"We have to get some more books. Otherwise it'll be suspicious."

"Oh fine. I guess," she sighs.

Putting some books back we randomly choose one or two to take as proof we werent up to something. We walked/ran back trying not to look at the old man. It was however hard to not laugh and grin. By the time we made it to Kate we were very close to losing it.

"Kate," I whisper.


"Y-you gotta come see this book w-we found!" I snicker struggling with my laughter.

"What the hecks wrong with you? Whats so funny?" she says, quite loudly.

"SHH! Just come with us," Sam whispers.

"No. I'm reading." I roll my eyes at her answer not remembering that I said the same thing.

If we had to wait on her we'd never leave. Shes slower then a snail when it comes to reading.

"Kate, You REALLY need to see this book its VERY funny," I say seriously. 


"Come on Kate!" Sam whines.

"Ugh, fine."

Kate gets up and I say look at the book the old guy is reading. She askes why but I just ignore her. Sam, Kate, and I go past the old man and into an aisle. The whole time I'm grinning like a madman.

"Did you see it?" Sam asks excidedly.

"No. What are you talking about?" Kate replys.

"Jeeze Kate, didnt you look at the book that old guy was reading?"

"No. Why?"

"Tch. He was reading a porn! The book had naked pictures and everything."

"Sam. It wasnt a porno. It was just a book about sex. Calm down," I say rolling my eyes at her.

"So? What about the other thing?" She says.

"What other thing?" Kate asks.

"He was rubbing himself while reading the book. Like you know, his dick, he didnt stop until he switched to the computer book which is hiding the 'Sex' book," Sam says.

"Nuh uh! Really?" Kate says with a bewildered face.

"Yes! It's so gross! I mean in a bookstore with lots of people and kids around."

Being the type who believes anything Kate begins to laugh. We all share a laugh until we cant breath. 

"I'm not going back over there," Sam announces.

"Heh, I'm not either. I think he noticed us," I note to everyone.

I peek down one of the isles and notice he now only has one book and its on some religion, he doesnt seem to be in a good mood either. We look around a bid more and eventually Kate's mom comes to get her. Sam calls her dad and he comes to pick us up.

We tell him what happened and he laughs and says that some people are just lonely. I laugh but in the back of my mind I have a new vision on the elderly.

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