Nov. 18 Rachel's Journal

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OK I, Rachel Blaire, am going to TRY this whole "journal" thing

I have a right to vent when I move and leave my old...everything behind!!

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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Submitted: March 05, 2010



Nov. 18

*GROAN* today is not the best day for me =(

1. This whole moving thing is still sinking in

2. I told my best, and only, friend Liz yesterday that I was moving to San Diego. She broke down in tears so we ate junk food and watched chick flicks at her house.

3. Things are a little awkward with me and my mom since she didn't even TELL me until yesterday

4. My mom is forcing me to pack up boxes for today and my back is aching!!!!

The only good news is that I get to leave behind my crappy public school


I still don't know when the big moving day is...

the worse part of this whole thing is that my mom doesn't think that this is a big deal! She doesn't even notice how this is impacting ME. I know I sound a little whiny but I have to leave behind my old...everything.

Hmmm, I actually think that I'm going to write in this again. I feel a little better!

I just hope she doesn't do the whole "we can start a new leaf!" speech

How cliche is that?

My 15-minute break is over and I have to get back to packing boxes.


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