the bear of gazette.

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the story is about a killer bear, which killed humans and a young boy's family. during that time the boy went on to seek for revenge in the forest and kill the bear, with no one's help but he went there, but things didn't turn out the way he anticipated.


BY: Nontokozo Shabangu

Once Upon A Time, there was a BIG FAT BEAR chewing on a red blooded tree, the BEAR was so big that no one came near it. It stayed in a forest full of BAT’S and there was a SCARY SOUND at night coming from the forest, the bear usually fed on animals but sometimes it needed some human blood.

The bear was named the Bear Of GAZETTE, gazette was a town where by long ago people from that town died from being eaten by the big fat bear of gazette. Many died and few survived but they all ran away, so the town was covered in trees and grass which grew over it since there was no one there.

After a century a new town next to it was formed and it was called THE LAND OF MOSQUITOS because there were a lot of mosquitos coming from the forest of gazette near the town. Little did they know that there was a monster living next to them.

On one faithful day the chief of the new town decided to throw a big party welcoming the new community members, there were all different kinds of food, desserts, salads and beverages. The people from the town were extremely happy about the party that the chief threw for them. They all wore their nice clothes, listening to loud music, singing and dancing, only did they know that their loud music woke up the moster: BEAR OF GAZETTE, a big surprise was bound to happen, the biggest terror of their lives.. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?


Submitted: February 04, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Nontokozo Shabangu. All rights reserved.

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