Amazed, but Confused

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Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



Cassie sat there at the picnic table, stairing out at the dead looking cornfeild. As the gun shot sounds started moving closer, with every second that passed. She just sat there thinking of things, that she thought she got rid of along time ago. For some reason, something kept drawing her attention toward the sound of the gun shots. Her pencil she was holding, made a clattering sound as it fell to the concrete floor. Her eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing, two wolves coming from the way that the gun shots were coming from. The two wolves running, quickly stopped, when they saw Cassie sitting there at frist with her mouth dropped open and then it turned into a smile. Cassie couldn't believe it, but for some reason she just smiled. There was a couple of kids running around, some playing guitars and the grown-ups putting the rocks back into the rock piles. The wolves stood still and for some reason not taking their eyes off of her. It was like that for a couple of minutes, before the wolves jumped over the fence. The fence that separated the corn feild and the church yard. At first Cassie didn't realize that both the woolves weren't the gray color, the most wolves are. One was pure white as the snow, while the other one was pure black as the black of the darkness. They growled at her and circled around the picnic table she sat at. At first nobody noticed, until someone screamed wolves. The grown-ups saw the wolves circling Cassie, but instead of trying to get them away from her. They got all the kids into the church and didn't come back out. Cassie staired at the church, not caring about the wolves at that very moment.
"Why You Scardy Cats, You Mean Ungreatful Holy People!!!" Cassie yelled at the top of her lungs. She was frustrated, yet sad at the sametime when nobody tryed to come and help her get away from the wolves. Cassie could feel tears prick at her eyes, but she didn't let them fall. One thing she couldn't figure out why the wolves were only circling her. She wasn't afraid at all, there was no fear for them to smell and she just felt relaxed around them. They stopped growling, laying down right next to her and the gun shots stopped. She was not thinking and acted like it was normal to pet the wolves. The wolves didn't snap at her, but wagged their tails instead. One of the grown-ups peeked their head outside the church to see if Cassie was killed and that the wolves left. The black wolf got up and started growling at the grown-up, showing it's teeth as a warning not to come near. As the person quickly got back into the chruch, the black wolf layed back down. Cassie smiled and looked at the line of trees at one end of the dead cornfeild. Two guys appeared wearing all black and hunting guns in their hands. One picked his rifle up and aimed stairt at her. The rifle went off and the bullet wized through the air. It was inches away from hitting her in the head. She was glad to move just in time or she would have been dead.
"What The HELL!! You almost KILLED ME!!! You STUPID Hunters!!!!" Cassie yelled at the two hunters, who were now halfway acrossed the cornfeild. The wolves got up growling and started running toward the road. The white wolf turned around and ran back to Cassie. She watched  the white wolf run back to her and as the wolf's nose brushed agianst her cheek. Cassie went totally still because at first she thought that a voice was just inside her head, but it was the wolf talking to her.
"You understand what I'm saying, how interesting. At first I didn't believe my partner was right about you. Your just one unuaslly human, very unauslly. I was surprised how fast you ducked from that bullet. No ordinary human could've moved that fast, well got to go....Cassie." The wolf leaped into the air and disappeared into thin air. The hunters stopped in their tracks, yelling in frustration and also disappeared into thin air. Cassie sat there, not believing what just happend, the grown-ups and the kids came back outside, acting like nothing happened. They didn't ask Cassie if she was okay or if she got hurt in anyway shape or form. They just acted like she wasn't even there, until it was time to go. Cassie wrote the events of the day into her little notebook, not mention it ever again. Until the day she wrote and published a book about it. Nobody believed that the book she wrote was a true storie, but they enjoyed reading it. As for Cassie, she is living a quite happy life with her husband and two kids. Also knowing that as long as she knows that the storie she wrote is true and so it will always stay as a true storie to her.

Da End

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