Family Vs. Friends

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This is a poem of what I think who can be more importent then the other

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



Friends are importent
Just like family is importent
Friends you can easly Love
Family you can have bad ends with

Friends you can share with
Awhile family you don't share with
You hang with friends more
You hide from your family

Friends will come and go
Family is just stuck with you
Friends you can barely now
Family you know to well

Friends show they're there for you
Family you can never tell
You know your friends
But your family say dont know anything

In the end your family is the ones that actually love you
You may get on bad ends, but they still stand by your side
Your friends can easly disappear from your life
Just like how they appeared there in the beginning

In other words its like switched around for others
Family may not actually love you
But you friends are actually your real ture happiness
Your family just in the darkest part of your mind

But in the true end this is how it is
Friends may be the ones that actually love you and family that doesn't love you at all
Family may be the ones that actually love you and your friends doesn't love you at all
When you try to put them both on a scale and see who is who

Have fun with that because in the end they're both importent
And can never telll

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