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i have recently developed my writing and began writing life quotes, i hope u like them :)

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



"A big secret lies within the depths of my heart , makes me even more scared for my depart "

"Sometimes lies are better than the truth, less painful and something that we can't choose"

"As calm as the sea, a storm is raging inside of me, Turning me into someone I never thought I would be"

"Funny as I can be, Dangerous as eyes can see, Hilarious as friends can be , But I am just happy to be me"

"As my soul descends, as swiftly as the wind, meeting my end, Hoping I can rewind , the thoughts that are on my mind"

"I believed in myself from the start, that I will be someone kind at heart, and fix all the hearts that tore apart, but i realised I was that someone from the very start"

"love is from the heart, as it connects people who are far apart , because even space & time won't be able to break them apart"

"When you feel afraid to face reality, see the truth that life is all about creativity, and strengthening your ability, to face a world full of misery"

"When you tremble in fear, thinking that your end is near, think about what u held dear, that kept you alive all these years"

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