My never-ending tale

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i felt at that time that my life is like a book,i can write my own destiny and characters are added in your story who are the people i love in my life , and i have to fight to reach my goals because hard work and failure are the keys to success

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016



Life is just like a book

It doesn't matter how I look

Because beauty is not from the outside

What really matters is deep inside

Turning the pages looking for adventures

Don't warn me of all the dangers

I am writing my own story tonight

I am searching for pleasure and delight

I won't shed tears anymore

Because I am going to stand & fight in this war

All my goals are clear as light

And i know i am gonna be alright

I am searching for a new title to name

My story which will not be the same

The past is the past

And time is running fast

I am going to discover a new world

And new adventures i am going to unfold

I know my identity

I know how to survive reality

And now I know where I belong

So i am gonna fight and be strong

I will continue my tale

And without a doubt , I won't fail

I will just follow where my heart goes

Where will it take me? who knows

I will stay strong and turn the page

I will not just stay in this cage

Surrounded by my own fears

Crying and shedding these tears

I will break out and be free

Because there is alot for me to see

I don't care what dangers I will face on my way

Because I will keep fighting everyday

And that will be my priority

So I can face what is called reality





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