Trapped Inside

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Don't be trapped by your feelings
Don't be trapped by your voice
I promise you will be heard.

Submitted: April 06, 2008

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Submitted: April 06, 2008



I'm tired and numb.

I bow my head and look at the floor.

Stained and yellow and tainted with blood.

I wash away the hidden identity.

You come home with a smile on your face.

You see nothing, no trace of me.

You see the knife in the sink and pick it up.

There is nothing; not one thing.

I pull back the tears I so badly want to cry.

The ones that I know you want to see.

And with those tears I know that I can express those feelings.

But I'm afraid that you won't see them.

I'm not myself anymore but you just don't realize it.

You pay no attention as I skip my meals and hide away.

I'm scared and you don't know that.

I wish that  you could just understand.

I feel cold as I run from myself.

I am frozen and I shrug it away.

This blade is the only way that I can compete with the pain.

And sooner or later it goes away.

I try to scream out but I can never be heard.

You don't listen for that scream.

I pull down my sleeves and shove my wrists in your face.

And yet you see absolutely nothing.

This other side of me is trapped.

Trying to be heard.

I don't want to make the other choice.

The one where I disappear for life.

I've thought about it, I truly have.

I try to tell you but my voice just cracks.

I don't want to be sent away to some crazy camp.

Can't you understand that I want your help?

Your hands on mine.

Your tears with mine.

Your sobs combined with mine.

And yet I feel and hear nothing.

Take this burden from my shoulders.

Throw it away and chop it to pieces.

I want to just stop and give up.

But I can never find the strength to do it.

And this pain I finally extinguish.

Won't be because you helped me.

It won't be because you finally heard me.

But because that single thread has been broken.

I'm trapped inside not knowing what to do.

I'm scared and I'm sad and you don't get it.

I don't know my next step or what I might finally do.

And yet you still walk around being you.

Please hear me.

Please see me.

Before I do something I might truly regret.

And leave everything behind.

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