To stupid girls again


I never thought I could feel this like I have felt before, I was truly certin it was out the door. Well I can say that everything happens for a reason and truely time for a new season.  After being in a very dark place, I never thought someone could keep pace.  I never thought that I would miss anyone other then my son, being  so far away is never fun. Every day all I do is think about you, everything that we still have to do. I was certin that I would never have that feeling, but having you in my life makes me hit the ceiling. No matter how many people tried to bring me back down, Nobody could ever came close it was only when you were around.  I feel like we travel at the same beat, I don't think the feeling will ever take a seat.  Having you in my life is the real deal, everything still feels sureal.



Submitted: February 05, 2012

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