To all stupid girls

So my thoughts keep spinning and my dreams keep winning. In this case there not dreams but nightmares,  Do I have the ability to be spared? I am pretty lost and confused but feel soft and abused. I'm getting tired of the fight and just want to push it out of sight. This pyscho bullshit is for the birds, even if I could speak I would be lost for words. All the words do circles around my head, is everything truly misread?  Disception is the bitch of all, Depression is weak mminded & crulity is satan at it's best having all 3 truly equals a fucked up head.  So having the personallity of a fucking Snail, Attitude of a demon and the mentality of Pig equals you!  I truly believe the past is the past and it's done for a reason. Every body needs change, lets start a new season. I'm tired of picking up all the pieces next time I getting a street sweeper!

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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