If We All Stood Still To Think..

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One of my many "blah" poems.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



Lengthen time.
Stop all fights.
Rid all guns and weapons.
And lead to redemption.
No shouting of such billingsgate,
For there are nicer words to say.
We can sew or purchase clothes
No need to take away what animals own.
We’re not alone in this world.
There’s no reason for mankind to take it as a whole.
Acceptance for people is a must.
How hard is it to just adjust?
Money shouldn’t be top priority,
After all, it’s just a piece of leaf.
No one is better than you.
Only you have the power to make things true.
We’re born to accept different customs and beliefs
I accept that, just don’t hurt civilians or society.
Children and elders have the purest heart,
I include elders because their brains function like it did on day one.
Study history,
You’ll know where we’ll lead.
Made mistakes,
Count them,
Now put them away.
I have plenty.
What do you say?

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