3 Going on 30

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This poem is from my first book "Poems of Everyday Life" that consists of 220 poems. I also published a second book "More Poem of Everyday Life" with over 100 poems.

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



3 Going On 30


She was only three when her mommy came home that fateful day,

She wanted to see her mommy but the flag covered coffin was in the way.

She really did not comprehend when they said her mommy was gone,

How could she be gone when she was right here in the coffin on the lawn.

She cried when they would not open the cover,

All she wanted to do was to tell her mommy that she loved her.

At three she knew her mom was there,

She did not know the damage the IED had inflicted from somewhere.

She cried hard when she saw her mommy lowered into the ground,

She finally realized her mommy would no longer be around.

When she was ten her father talked to her about that fateful day,

Now it all made sense to her as he explained it in his special way.

Her pride in her mother’s sacrifice took on a special meaning that day,

He mother had given her life for what she believed in; in every way.

Every time she looked at her mother’s picture on the wall,

She knew that when she was old enough she would also answer the call.

Now as she stands proud on the parade field in her Officer dress blues,

Her mother, watching from above knew that over the years she had received the clues.

She will stand proud where her mother stood,

She will carry on the proud tradition as she knew she would.


Danny L. Noss

Copyrighted 2011

© Copyright 2019 Norseman. All rights reserved.

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