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Submitted: July 24, 2019

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Submitted: July 24, 2019



Writing. It doesn’t always come easy. Inspiration is needed in order to write something worth reading. Perhaps my struggle comes from my life now having a steady rhythm; or more undeniably it is from the mind dulling numbness that has taken over my soul.

The third, sometimes fourth, sentence in is usually when the writers block kicks in. Leaving me staring at the screen rereading the first lines over and over again, wondering what I was striving for.

It feels as though I am boarding a train, prepared to go exactly where it will take me, I packed my bag, I bought my ticket, but when I board, the train does not move. Sitting motionless on the tracks that were once so promising. What was once hopeful aspiration turns to exhausted desperation just to start what has been plotted out.

The map I hold shows that the tracks will take me to every necessary pitstop to reach my destination, but still, I cannot get the train to move forward. I lock the doors, not allowing myself to be seen by those around me. The dark interior keeps my failures hidden, far from where the outside world can judge me.

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