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The bitter reality.

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



Have you ever thought about what you are?  You just try to be the best, you mostly think about only yourself. Values for you aren’t family and friends, but money and good name. Isn’t it true? Of course, you have friends, you can’t live without them, you need to be loved. You are angry, when bad things are happening to you, you ask “why?” but what you do, when your friend feels bad? Do you say something cheerful to her? No, you smile inside, when your friend’s enemies are laughing about her, you feel filled, because boys always liked your friend, they ignored you, you felt like nothing, but now your heart is running, when you hear those bad words about your friend. You love your friend, but don’t you think that you hate her too? You feel jealousy, because she is beautiful, smart and lucky. You say her phrases, which you hate to hear. When boys give attention to her, you are very angry; you would like to hit them and say, how stupid they are.
People make world disgusting and ugly. They kill inside themselves and other people’s souls. They do evil things to be happy, but just crush themselves. Remember, when you said to your friend:
“I think, your new clothes are ugly. Please don’t wear it, it doesn’t suit for you.”
Or maybe your friend wear something sexy, but you told her:
“Oh, you look like a whore.”
Do you feel better? No, you don’t. Do you know why so many young people commit a suicide? You say:
“Because they are weak people or crazy, who don’t want to fight.”
But I didn’t ask you, what people they are, I asked you, what is the reason! Some people did it, because other people bring them so far. Would you feel good, if the person would do it because of you? Would you forgive yourself?
You want to be the best; you could abuse other people, just to be the first. You could say flattering words, because then they think, you are cool. You do nothing useful, sit all the day to computer, go to parties, drink, and talk about other people. You don’t want to do anything, dream of easy life. You want to be rich, but look at so many sad people, who are rich. They have money, they have no places to waste them money. They buy everything they want, that’s why they don’t want anything anymore. They have all material things they need, but they don’t have real friends, real love, real things, which aren’t things. They try to get more and more and think, that they would be happy, but they aren’t. they have only money and endless emptiness. Life is without sense, without dreams, without reason to live. They longs for love, but can’t find it. Nobody could give you love, because you need to give love to others. When you do something good for your friend, you are happy, because your friend is happy. Don’t you think so? You can’t be happy, if you just take, you have to give too. If you only take, you become empty inside. It’s paradox, but truth.
We are slowly dying, destroying everything in the world, but we say, that it’s not our fault, we always find someone, who is guilty. Our hearts are too numb to change, to love each other as we love ourselves.

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