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Teenage life, full of romance starting to bloom..
Love is in the air, like they say.. but is it really true?
Let us discover deep down into a sweet 16 teenage girl's exciting life!

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



P.s. Dear diary, today was a great day. The sun is hot. The clouds are puffy. I am happy. Everyone is happy!
JUST KIDDING! here goes..

Dear diary, you are like my best friend, I share sadness, happiness and my life with you..
you were always there for me.. writting out my feelings is always a great way to express and release anger, happiness.. etc
I have always thought of boys as ''disgusting, weird' people, -that is when I was much younger. I am now having my sweet 16
things already started to change when I was 12.. I have learned to see guys in a much different perspective. Cute. handsome,
nice, sweet was the only adjectives that entered my mind.. -depending on the type of guys though!

Crushes, secret admirers, im sure everyone has a special person in their hearts,
starting to bloom from poppy love to much much intense and intimate feeling. My ideal dream guy,
since I was fourteen was always someone who could enjoy playing,expressing this wonderful instrument-
the piano with me. Then one day he entered into my life. There are tons of sayings like ''Love at first sight'',
''Feeling butterflies in my stomach'' ... these words to express your feelings.. is in fact quite indescribable.
Love is in the air- this I believe.. Love is indeed blind. You can see noone else, nothing else besideds that
special someone, for you would've not even know it was the end of the world or something. -just giving you a
picture.. P.S. We shall not predict the unhappened.. for we do not know how true it is and just ends up
scaring more people and giving unsure assumptions.

Ren was his name, I first spotted him, such a beautiful person... rather than handsome,
he did not have fats, nor muscles he was just right. He played the piano beautifull, expressing away every
single note as you can almost see if he put his whole entire soul into it. I was admiring him fast away, listening
his every note, my heartbeat was unusually getting faster and faster.. could this be ''Love?

Love is in the air in the next chapter of ''Love me...

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