Snowy Boy Season 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Snowy Boy is back! This time what happens in Snowy Icy Caverns? Adventure awaits...


So finally, the day comes... for the trip to Icy Caverns! It was as expected,
a very chilly day as usual. My parents and I were already on our way.. when suddenly,
there was a boy in front of their car, inevitably, the car crashed on the boy. Everyone was in
a panicky state, dad went out of the car to check on the boy. Most surprisingly, the boy was not
hurt, but melting?!

Dad hurriedly carried him to the car, as he was carrying him, he felt melted ice-
which was now water, dripping on the ground. How can a human boy melt?'' what is the
meaning of this?''...''Stop, said the boy, ''I am Snowy Boy, p-please help me,'' as his icy-cold skin
touched against mine. ''I need to get to Icy Caverns now!'' he said. Everyone was of course,
in a confused state, questions flooding through the brain as if it were too explode. But dad was heading
to the Icy Caverns anyway.

''Why do you need to go to the Icy Caverns?'' I asked curiously. ''Can't you
see that I'm melting?'', he said. ''Icy Caverns is the only place that can heal me, and it
 is Snowy Boy's job to protect the icy regions from evil, so I cannot die like this.''
''Evil as in those evil villians trying to take over the world?'' I asked as my mind was picturing
Mojojo from Powerpuff girls. ''Somesort like that, just no evil monkeys'', as he started giggling,
which was a huge surprise for everyone.

Did I mention he was kinda cute? I guess he was about
my age, with blonde short hair with middle parted fringe- not those nerdy geeks with their buttons
all buttoned up with those big round glasses. He had a black agony coat on and his beautiful collar with
a black gem and a red garnet at the bottom. He looks very stunning, seriously.

''Wait!'' I said as my dad had a break on the car. ''What's the matter?'' dad asked.
The snowy boy was wearing a black gem ring too, isn't black always representing evil. Is this
guy some kind of demon or psyhcopath? Are we in danger here? But we were almost there, Icy
Caverns was just 10 meters away. But then I noticed he had a blue icy,crystal gem bracelet on, with
the beautiful shape of 6 snowflakes around. It was glowing-as if... I was just exaggerating! 'Hey, stop
staring at me,'' he said. ''W-who's staring at you!'', I blushed as I was filled with embarrassment.
''What's wrong dear?'', mom asked. I was too embarrassed to say anything, so dad just continued the
10 meter journey ahead.

We were finally there- at Icy Caverns. It was indeed very majestical, beautiful.. as if there was
a snow princess or any exciting legend or history deep within. I noticed snowy boy's crystal bracelet was
glowing. So it really did glow! Am I dreaming?Is it some sort of magical power? Did the Icy Cavern's
ice element affect him, as he was a magical being? Then he broke the silence.''Thank you very much,
we shall meet again,''said Snowy Boy. When we were about to open our mouth to
say our warmest welcomes, he vanished. disappeared. gone.

''*What is this? How did he vanish all of a sudden? What bussiness does he have with Icy Caverns?
This magical fatasy filled with adventure continues ahead.. look forward to it!

Submitted: February 08, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Noryn. All rights reserved.

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