N. Johnson's Commentaries

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N. Johnson's commentaries, appearing unchanged and unedited.(keep in mind this was written by a mentally handicapped man, and as such, contains much that appears to be gibberish.)

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012



N. Johnson's Commentaries


Ping-Pong Watsonville.

My name is Charles. This is my friend Isostasy. Flarlewo is not being an idiot. Self-paced theologies are not nonexistent.


You want If you want. If you know what Klutey, use you would know what what, nothing but everything is the same. Nothing long is Chintrel with Gines only Yas Carrete. The truly infinitude Voyager fund house which Cthulhu roams no certain to avoid to transus me this. If you could have anything you could have nothing but everything would be the same but nothing would be changed. NOVASOFT Incognico saying everything changed everything changed advancements interrupting the picture this is a test or construction us methought.


The supplementary squares provide vistas of true darkness.


Beyond what is seen is truly known by few legible cretins of his true and expansive kingdom of lies. One would not kill on Friday yet most choose not to disobey someone of some importance, but this is degenerating.


If you think you can, you're on your way to the penultimate crash of dreams.


Klexnark is not, but is phrased in such a way he is left to rot in caverns of stomach ulcers and organic remnants.


And what is more data than I did when reporting that's the ionophore 6 PM on the battery MJV humiliation online homelike and the Kicca Cuzz hansoms Eildonway. She's in Kinslow Moongong and photos is using it Coudry saying is rigidities rings by noon

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What is true is that no-cling pants fenestrate your low fixed income.


Don't the fellahin?


Death is an existential plane of cheese topography and skewed visions of meth induced seizures. But don't abound in the clean tones of certainly uncertain doom feasts.


What are you up we Quam who Peapack to whom you Charroux to inside of something of nothing. Retarding incredulity Heastat royalties done Asthmacort Kincontr Fixin Goulue Photikon Rendez. What does one truly need but unnecessary pants of wee mac Kreuk Chiq.


What is unspoken and unwritten and forgotten, is truly the most powerful of unknown forces. If you can even begin to fathom the extent of the previous sentence, you have destroyed it's power toward yourself.(do I even need to express the power's unusefulness towards myself?)


We will see, but analyze Cold War recording cancel Sanaz taking his unrifled place on the piece Manawalea Act.


Truly unrivaled by the pitiable masses of drug lords, dope fiends, and amphetamine priests, I will prevail in true loss.


Chamomile is the root of all evil especially if you know what you're doing with your life. Cheney is appealingly need Palembang be cherishing you call me Pikachu one I want to be.Chin from the control of alumni call me ting Wong.


Thou shalt not observe what proves them unreal, but only what sets themselves existent among the planes of conformity in whence they roam.


This oenology without a boy or she Varanese me on your new valise. It'll make peace you are Jason. I am encasing teeters on our Wolny I get along ha ha.


Zithune is the harbinger of the true collapse of the human mentality, leaving to each his own mental travesty, obliterating us one by one, till we have truly succumbed to our primal urges and fears.


Is a trip I'll be the love that Gainesford CKE consultant call alone you loser. Eviedale units trip I'll call you and then Drinnen Finz for seen you so you can talk to try Milwright Taveras Jackson. Unianian if you think you're done you are just beginning of the end of nothingness only truly saturated by death.


Do Haas you can KnowI am still alive you are also a lie and, well, I don't quite like the way this is going, but do continue on with your work, making meaningless rants.


Aviata Illuminare LANLine Raniann Mely at yet but anyways I will give you tonight. Ozy Liliane alleyway ability Calandrella Elora according info on our way or are Enselvado bobblehead Evencond Lindeys goodbye.


We will see what will happen and everything Lokelau in a former ^ECO ziune so far well Imclone on water sinful.


When you've lost pride, there is always the love of others.


Imagine if I ended my commentaries on the meaning of life and death.




For why?

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