A Day of World Peace

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To try to seek peaceful alternatives to problems to evolve past killing. And start caring for all living things all created by God. All faiths join together.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



A Day of Peace around the World

The tears and blood of the innocent are falling down, death and despair done with the twitch of a finger or a push of a button.

We haven’t evolved past killing each other, we’ve just evolved to kill more efficiently and that’s all.

Just walk away for one day, it doesn’t matter how you pray for tomorrow.

God is looking down and when the rain falls it’s like tears from heaven for all the blood that’s been spilled.  

And the Devil cries with tears of joy down in the dark abyss of hell, waiting to reap the evil that man does.

Since the beginning of the human race it has taken place.

One God cries for you and what you’ve done, and the Devil waits with claws of wrath, with a smile on his face.

For what cause do you serve one of peace and love, or one of war and hate?

People walk away for one day, away from the killing and blood spilling that infects you like a plague.

It can be cured if we only start to try September 21 is a chance to try, and walk away for a day and pray for tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter how you pray, just join together for one day and pray for tomorrow.

Pray for peace and your children’s future is at hand across the lands, no country is innocent from this peaceful plan.

From the drive by’s to the rockets and bombs that go off, just walk away and pray for tomorrow.

Pray for a day where children aren’t afraid to be outdoors to play.

Join together no matter how you pray for a day of peace for a day, what do you say?

The Devil is like a hungry dog waiting for a piece of steak hungry for your soul to take with a smile on his face.

We all will die someday hopefully there won’t be hell to pay!  By nos482 copyright 2007

© Copyright 2017 NoS482. All rights reserved.

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