A life test of love

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Who would you save besides yourself?

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



A life test of love

A test arose the other day from my fellow workers to ponder the value of life and who you value the most?

A car driven by you goes off the road and into deep water and you only have time to save one person besides yourself.

Your wife and two children are in the car who would you choose?

One said his wife and another said the closest child.

I choose them all or nothing and parish with them.

They had to toy with my answer.

Ok they questioned me again.

A burning house same situation to take one out of the burning house besides yourself who would you choose?

They of course said the smallest child and then try to get the rest.

I choose all or nothing and parish with them.

I realized that it’s easy to be asked, but unless you’re there having it happen many unknown factors are involved.

Do you believe in a afterlife eternity?

Do you have a chance to save them one at a time?

Is there a plan to save them all?

Do I want to be haunted with the faces and screams of the ones I left to die?

When I gave these questions they understood my answers or did they???

“I am nobody to many and someone to few nos482”
By nos482 12-19-09

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