Awakening Angel revised

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I was woke up by an Angel of bright white with light blue. To be reminded that people passing from this life to the next isn't a bad thing but to be glad no suffering or hunger, etc.
Angels if u don't believe I feel sorry 4 u. The answer is in front of your eyes if u can see beyond yourself you'd realize there's more out there than the earth and sky.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Awakening Angel

As I slumbered I was awakened by a bright light.

With a playful jest the Angel did appear to wake me and not to fear.

She was bright white surrounded with light blue, dressed in a bright white robe, with long curly flowing hair, and she was floating in the air.

Without a word was spoken.

She held out her hand and I touched it with no fear in my heart.

She was sent to remind me of past family and friends, and that I will
see them again.

Because they're up there where Angels fly.

And don't be saddened, but rejoyce for the next life.

Was I dreaming or awake or in between?

When I described her to my kids, they said, "that angel was one of them comforting grandma in the end".

By nobody to many someone to few nos482 05/17/08.
Peace and Blessing 2 u all. :-)

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