Bob the Angel of Death?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about other life out there and they are watching. And they're tired of us not evolving past killing each other.

Bob the Angel of Death?

Bob never wanted to be anything but a good father and husband.  Living in a small town on Lake Michigan's shoreline, population 4,000 in the winter, and triple that in the summer.  He seems to as being a simple man that does factory maintenance work to make a living.  Fixing things to make things better than they were is what he liked to do.  Some people say that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  And his family is the same way, not a mean bone in their body.  Bob was once asked if there was anything that would make him mean.  "Yes, you know the only thing, if someone or something threatens him or his family's safety or well being.  I would be like the lion protecting his cubs.  Don't cross me or you'll see that I would destroy all threats, or die trying, like the lion," replied Bob.  Bob made enough money to get by, living in a nice mobile home park four miles from town.  

For ten years working midnight shift, at night Bob would go on the rooftop look out at the stars and moon.  Bob would often wonder if UFO's real, and if he would ever see one in his life.  He missed a sighting over Lake Michigan the year before.  Some UFO's flew in a formation of three, v-shaped, moving ten miles in ten seconds.  Then they would go into a dead stop, over from where they started.  Then they would move up at the same speed, it would seem impossible to accomplish.  This would be hard to believe, unless you seen it yourself.

Little did he know or remember that he had seen a mile long cigar shaped UFO over the Lake at sunset.  Bob was only 4 years of age, with his mother, and brother, seeing the same sight.  They believed that it landed in the water 25 miles from shore it liked like.  The windows of the UFO when it went by looked like it could fit an airline plane in it.  

Bob's mother told the police, they thought that she was crazy.  They forced her to go on medicine, after making her go to a mental ward in a padded cell.  She forgot after that, and Bob and his brother scared into forgetting.  At Bob's age it was easy to use fear to make him forget things that happened.

Bob never knew when the ship was landing there were people in the ship watching them.  One of the aliens mentally linked with Bob.  He kept track of Bob's everyday life from his childhood to the present.  It was like seeing through Bob's eyes, hearing what he'd hear, feeling what he'd feel.  He would observe the human race, observations of love, hate, rears and all the other emotions.  It's funny at first Bob thought this link was an extra guardian angel watching over him.  In some ways that was true and some it wasn't.  As a child he used this extra guardian angel as a pretend friend, when playing.  Anything else at that time would be too hard to believe.  

All the other aliens on the ship were assigned a human subject to link up with and study.  The television stations were monitored on their planet just outside our solar system.  Their planet is 100 times the size of earth, with the same make up of land and water.

On the ship the people have things to keep them busy.  They have a gym for exercising, and have TV shows to watch for entertainment.  They grow their own food inside the ship, including a fish tank for their food also.  Fish is the only meat that they would eat, because it's cleaner to raise than cows or chickens.  Sometimes a team of aliens would be sent to town to purchase steaks and chicken for a treat for the ships crew.  Money was never a problem; they would take gold from their planet and exchange it with a bank for money.

Bob still the dreamer believed there was life on other planets, but never got to see another UFO.  His wife always thought he was being silly about UFO's.  She would always its outside looking at the stars with Bob.  "You know what Sue, you ever feel like you were meant to do something special, compared to others?"  "I think everyone gets that feeling, once in a while Bob."

 Bob and Sue on a day to day basis would wind up playing psychologist to their friends.  Bob lived in a small trailer park just outside of town, one of the cleanest around.  They would meet new neighbors throughout the time they lived there.  And become friends with some and with some avoid all together.  Everyone of their friend's would always have a problem of one thing or other mostly petty things sometimes not so petty.  Bob and Sue would come to the same conclusion every time; leave it up that person to take care of it.

Sue took care of the children Beth and Bob Jr. while Bob worked night's and slept most of the day while the kid's were in school.  Beth was nine years old, and liked doing what most girls that age liked to do.  She played with dolls, dancing, music, and most of all swimming.  It was important for both children to know how to swim, being near a lake.  You would sometimes hear of people drowning in the lake or rivers near by.  Bob Jr. at 14 years old also liked swimming in pools or the lake.  He also liked music, skateboarding, playing guitar, and playing games on the computer.

Summer went by so fast, by the time Bob thought about it the first day of fall.  Bob was getting his bow and arrow out to practice, behind his home while the children were in school.  Bulls eye at 20 yards, he shot 30 times with his bow.  Then he took the target out to 40 yards and no bull's eye at 10 shots.  After 20 shots he hit the bull's eye and near it enough to be confident to shoot a nice buck.  "Yah this is dead on now," thought Bob.  For three times a week Bob carried on with the same target shooting ritual, until October first.  

October first was finally here, Bob hurried around making a cup of coffee.  The noise woke his wife, "Bob good luck getting buck," she lightly whispered to him.  He made his way to his favorite hunting spot 10 miles north of his home.  On some friends private land, he and his father in-law were always welcome.  Bob and his father in-law would hunt and run off trespasser and poachers from time to time.  And that made the landowner feel more secure.  Because one time a poacher on a four wheeled ATV shot a herd of deer.  After that herd was the owner's home and he was raking leaves in his yard.  Three bullets struck his garage fifteen yards from where he stood.

Opening day morning Bob had shot a beautiful 8 point buck.  Bob had to search for the buck and finally found it an hour later.  Unlike most other people he believed in the old ways of his ancestors.  You the thank God or also called the Great Creator and also thank the animal for supplying food for his family.  Respect all living things in the circle of life was what made him a special interest to the aliens.  They found this was odd compared to the observations of other people.  This was noted with the main leader of the ship.  

Some of the other aliens linked with people that were different about killing.  One person observed would kill an animal only for the count of how many deer killed with a trophy rack.  That person didn't care about the life he took, showing no respect where respect is due.  The next step for this man was to kill a human, it was observed.  The one linked to him requested another subject, that subject was lost or not worth observing anymore.  This was a good choice on the observer's part, or he would get sick from emotions for the killed.  

Person #1100 was a drug dealer when he got older.  He killed 3 people over a deal gone bad.  He grabs the drugs and the money and ran.  He would gladly kill again at the drop of a hat, without any remorse for those people.  This person was also dropped from our study.
I was glad I had Bob for an observation partner.

Person #606 abused her children mentally and physically to the point that the children wished they were dead.  She didn't care how they felt.  She was only worried about herself and her material possessions.  This subject was also dropped, but the children we still observed.
This was considered as bad as killing, you could tell by the black ora surrounding the subject.

Person #101 was a serial killer no one caught.  He would kill people and made it look like the people were robbed.  Others would just wind up missing, never to be found.  Some of these killers we observed had mental illness, and other's just liked killing for sport, revenge, or just because they can.  These subject's were also dropped, but we noted the mental illness evolved.  Some of the killer's had a twisted hate feeling was observed by my friends.

Person #400 was a hit man that killed 60 people for the money.  Bob's way he felt was observed and recorded.  This man remorse over some he killed.  Other's that he killed he didn't care, even when they begged to spare their life.  This subject was also dropped from our observations.

Person #450 was a man who places the hits on people who were a threat.  This was looked at as just as bad as doing the hits on people.  He has no remorse for any death's he dealt out.  Observation marked and dropped by my brother's Sam 2.

These observations have been going on for hundred's of years.  But just in the past 50 years the observation's, have been in larger amount's.  All action's were being marked and recorded then all the information is sent to the planet.  The main order's always came from the home planet just outside earth's solar system.  My earth is 1,000 times larger than this earth.  Some of earth's scientist's have found the planet but don't know if there's life on it or not.  They thought my sun was a star, until they got stronger telescopes.  How silly human's, think at least the majority, that God made life on only one planet.

New order's, have come in from the planet, stating that the leaders are tired of the heartless killing.  And they were tired of the oppression of people to the point, that they wished they would die.  The decision was made to pick one human person to be the tool to stop heartless murder and oppression on earth.  They would rather have someone from earth, instead of a peaceful race.  The only time they would attack would be in self-defense.  

They chose Bob to be the one to stop the heartless killing and oppression on Earth.  The next step was to contact Bob and that was a job to do, without any witnesses.  They chose to get to him when he goes hunting in the evening the next day. The one linked to him knew he would be carrying a weapon, but he knew, he wouldn't use it on him, he hoped.

The next day Bob made sure he told his family he loved them before heading out to the woods.  He gave his son a big hug and gave his wife and daughter a kill.  "Love you all, see you tonight, wish me luck okay," said Bob He started his car and left 2 1/2 hours before sunset.  Bob felt that this evening could be different than any other, a feeling you get when nothing happening, a calmness, a feeling that something has to give.  He couldn't be so right about that feeling.

As Bob made his way to his tree stand he noticed a ship.  It was shinny and silver, large enough to hold two people, and was shaped like a disk.  The alien approached him slowly and said, "You have always felt my presence, throughout your life, ever since you were little and watched my ship land in the lake."  "Can I talk to you face to face without me being hurt?" the alien asked.  "Yah sure, I'll put down my bow just don't hurt me okay," said Bob.  Bob noticed that he was different than him, he had a small mouth, no ears, and when he would speak his mouth didn't move which looked strange to Bob.  He used his mind link to speak to Bob that's why his mouth didn't have to move.

"Here wear this necklace I brought you.  It will protect you when you need it most it will start working," the alien told him.  Bob felt a familiarity to him like a twin brother that he never met until now.  Bob put the necklace on; it looked like a normal necklace that resembled a medicine wheel with shinny stones and metal in it instead.  "Bob I gave this necklace to you with a great task that evolves the entire human race on earth.  You must rid your planet of all the heartless killers and oppressors of earth. The high counsel of my planet is fed up with it.  They feel the human race should have evolved to the point of being a peaceful race by now.  If you fail my race will eliminate all of your kind regretfully," the alien said.

"You have been chosen and no one else, because of your respect for life.  You handed that way of thinking down to your family, from your ancestors.  Many have forgotten these old ways, but I noticed at a gathering.  This gathering was called a pow wow there were many that believed the same way as you Bob," the alien told him.

"Your God also created our planet and we believe in him also.  God is also tired of it and so the high command decided this to try to make peace last for an unknown amount of time," he said to Bob.  "You laid a lot of burden on my shoulders, isn't there someone else?" asked Bob.  "No you're it, or else the end of your race," he replied.  "Now that we have an understanding, all you need to know for now has been revealed.  Oh one other thing Bob before I go, your necklace helps amplify my mind connection with you.  So when you need me or just want to talk it will be a lot stronger," the alien said.

"Bob when the time is right the necklace will bond with you.  Then in order to activate it to do your task you must say precisely what you want to happen.  Then it will try to make it happen like that, it's all in the words you use.  The word die will only kill threats or the people you were set out to get," he told Bob as he entered my ship.  When the alien looked back Bob was walking back to his car when he suddenly dropped to the ground and vomited.  Bob slipped the necklace on after he wiped his mouth off.  It seemed like it was part living and part nano machines to Bob.  When it touched his body it went into his skin and disappeared.  Soon after that the alien left Bob in a flash then the ship turned invisible as it left.  

Bob finally made it back to his car and fumbled around frantically to get his car started.  It was getting dark out and it was time to leave anyway.  Bob was pale in the face from worry.  He drove home slowly not going over 45 mph, so he could regain his composure, when he arrived at home.  Sue came to the door to greet him.  "What's wrong Bob, are you okay?" asked Sue.  Bob then explained the whole thing to Sue.  But by the look on her face she didn't believe him.

Sue tried to over look what Bob just said to her.  The children overheard them, and didn't know what to think.  "You need help Bob.  Thinking the way you are, you're crazy, get a grip," said Sue.  Without Bob knowing, Sue called a doctor about the whole problem.  Sue told him the whole story that Bob told her.  "Sue I think your husband needs to see me," said the doctor Jock.  So Sue talked Bob into seeing Dr. Jack the next day.

That day Bob made it to Dr. Jack's office and told him the same thing that Sue was told by him.  After Bob was done telling him the story, the doctor thought," this guy is crazy and needs committed."  "Bob I want to put you under observation at the state hospital, okay Bob," said the Dr. Jack without hesitation.  

Bob called Sue and told her what was going on.  To his surprise his own wife agreed with the doctor.  "You know Bob it's for your own good.  If you love me and you children, you'll do this for your family's sake," Sue said crying and full of tears.  Bob and a little voice inside told him to play along for now.

So the doctor had a large male nurse take him to the state hospital, just five miles away.  The nurse checked him in and led him to his padded room.  "No I didn't know it was going to be a padded room, I'm not that crazy.  You guys are overdoing it a little don't you think," asked Bob?  But with a quick shove from the big burly nurse, and a slam of the door, he was locked in.  "Hey I'm just doing my job, sorry fella," said the big burly nurse.

A week went by Bob's wife was getting concerned about how long he was staying in the hospital.  Sue asked the doctor when Bob was getting out.  The doctor would just tell her a story.So another week went by and she got tired of the run around stories.  Sue concluded that they were going to keep him until his story would change.  Sue decided to contact a lawyer to help get Bob out.  Sue told the whole story about Bob's problem.  The lawyer decided to get the local TV station involved.

Bob had no contact with his family, since he was put in the padded room.  The lawyer thought it was strange, that he couldn't communicate with his family.  Sue was talking to the lawyer when he told her about where Bob was located.  "You know that wing of the hospital where Bob is in has killers, rapist, and child molesters."  "They got away with the insanity plea," sadly said Sam the Lawyer.

The next day Bob's family, Sam the lawyer, and the TV station teamed up to see Bob.  They were allowed to finally meet with Bob in a large room.  The news team started broadcasting live, at noon time.  All the other patients had lunch and TV time, so they were cleared of the room.

The news reporter Jack News they called him.  "We are here with crazy man Bob that is held here against his will.  Just because he says that an alien visited him.  People claim that all the time, and aren't locked up.  I smell a government investigation, without no one knowing, maybe, or maybe not?  Let's do our own investigation for fun we brought a giggercounter to check for radiation.  Oh no, no radiation he must be lying," Jack News blurted out sarcastically.  "Bob how can you prove you met an alien?  Do you have anything to show us that he gave you," asked Jack News?  

The news reporter handed Bob the microphone and had forgotten to turn off the giggercounter.  His little voice inside his head sounded like the alien's voice.  "Okay it's time to get started," said the little inside Bob's head.  That voice was the alien he was linked with Bob even more intense now.

"Well Jack, I'll show you proof and then I'll be let go or else the people here will regret it," Bob said with a smile on his face.  Bob took off his shirt and flicked his thumb on his chest, which made a loud ting noise.  It sounded like there was something metal on his chest.  It was the necklace that nobody could see except Bob.  It was absorbed half way in the skin and invisible. The people could only see the impression in his chest, which went around and up to the throat area also.

"Now Jack in my defense I must say some this.  To all listening, you people that kill without any feeling of repentance.  And you people that oppress others until they wish they were dead.  I say to you and only you die now!" said Bob in a saddened voice.  And when Bob spoke then, Jack News noticed the giggercounter was reading off the scale.  The giggercounter was the last thing old Jack News was to see, as his ears started bleeding out of control.

Bob's chest and throat was glowing a bright blue, where the impressions were located.  It was caught live on the camera all over the local area on every channel.  It was a matter of seconds for some unknown reason the signal was rerouted to every TV station and radio station around the world.  Millions of people died in a matter of seconds, with blood running out of their ears.

People from all walks of life died with blood running out of their ears uncontrollably.  Drug dealers in the town they never got busted and, didn't care who they hurt.  Selling drugs like crack and meth to whoever had the money, school kids it didn't matter at all.  He just believed in himself or her and their gun to back them up.

The hit man watching TV while he cleaned his rifle, after doing a hit on a nosey news reporter that found out too much.  The reporter nosed too much with his boss, trying to get information.  Killing was just about money and no remorse for anyone.  

The dictator in another country that enjoyed executing people of other religious beliefs, or they tried to over throw him.  With no luck trying to assonate the dictator, all failed and died trying to make things better for their country.  

The serial killer that was ready to kill a little boy after killing his parents.  Lucky for the little boy the TV was left on in the living room where the parents were watching the TV when they were killed.

The war loving people in all countries, which killed many people without having a feeling of remorse.  They were ready to deal out death at the drop of a hat.

A hunter who just got in his truck, after load his truck with a deer that was just another trophy, a number with no feeling about the life he took.

A cannibal family hidden in the woods that would prey on people that were going by bike riding or walking.  They never got caught until the day they heard Bob speak.

A pimp that was slapping one of his hoes for not making enough money for a night.  But always happy to keep the hoe hooked on crack.  It ended when he heard Bob on his stereo in his pimp ride.

The rapist setting in the lunch room where Bob was at, his plead of insanity didn't save him today.

The child molester setting beside the rapist that tormented 50 children.  His insanity plea didn't help either today, as he fell over at the same time as the rapist.

Seeing what had happened, the security rushed into the room.  Bob knew he needed to get his family out and away from the public view.  Bob #2 communicated to Bob and also agreed that people would hold the family hostage and use Bob to their advantage.

"Let me and my family go or die," yelled Bob.  One security guard believed him and one didn't.  The second one came running with a club, ready to strike down Bob into submission.  That guard was stopped in his tracks as soon as Bob calmly said," die".  The guard fell over dead with blood bursting from his ears.

The hospital was then convinced to let Bob and his families go free.  Bob and his family drove to the south pier, watching in the rear view mirror, the police keeping their distance.  The police watched as Bob and his family walks to the tip of the pier.

"They're not going anywhere, we'll wait for swat to lead us," said the police chief to the other officers.  Little did they know Bob#2 was meeting them in the water.  In a small submarine like object that was staying 10 feet below the surface with a swirling vortex of water.

Bob and his family walked, to the tip of the pier. They're not going anywhere, the police they figured.  Little did they know Bob #2 was meeting them in the water.  In a small like submarine that couldn't be seen from shore, a small hole opened in the lake. Bob and his family jumped in the hole. The hole quickly shut, and they disappeared into the lake.  Police had a search team to look for, them for four days, with no luck.

Bob introduced Bob#2 to his wife and kids.  After Bob did the TV interview his family believed everything he told them.  "You guys have to stay with Bob #2 and his wife and kids, for your own safety.  The bad guys of this world would try to hold your hostage, if they caught you.  He has a son and daughter just like us.  We're going to the mother ship 20 miles out," explained Bob.  "Dad isn't that where you got sea sick out fishing with Grandpa," asked Bob Junior?  "Yeah dad, you drank too much the night before, and had a hangover," Beth said jokingly.

"Bob #2 told me I fed many fish that day on the lake, and that was the only time you will ever see me get sea sick you guys," Bob jokingly explained.  Bob and Bob #2 knew kidding around would help break the ice when they showed up at the mother ship.  The family was warmly welcomed from the whole ship it seamed.  Some would shake their hands, others would hug, and then some would only smile and nod their head.

The inside of the ship seemed more like a future hotel inside.  The middle of the ship had a swimming pool and gym, for all the ship to use.  And over from that was an arcade for the children on the ship to play.  There were families swimming that waved a hello greeting.  Beth and Bob Jr. thought this is like a dream come true, fun, fun, fun.  Sue was overwhelmed by the sights for a moment, then felt like she seen it all in a dream.

"Just because they don't have ears, they all seem to be nice toward us," said Beth to Bob Jr.  "This is like a hotel and we're on vacation for a while.  Our friends wouldn't believe us if we told them what we did and where we went," said Bob Junior.  Bob #2 leads them to their rooms, and introduced them to his wife and children.  Their names were Sue 2, Bob Jr. 2, and Beth 2.  Because they were also linked together, like Bob and Bob 2.  They seem like long lost best friends, more than strangers just meeting for the first time.  The commander allowed them to skateboard around the pool whenever they felt like, to make them feel at home.

They had theatre movies copied and shown by the pool every night as part of their study of the human race.  Their food was served buffet style like at a hotel.  They made up a friendly atmosphere to keep everyone happy.  The aliens never liked to see anyone unhappy.  That way Bob can get on with his task that lays heavy on his shoulders, and Bob2's.

A week went by until Bob2 sent Bob back to the tip of the pier.  Bob2 wished him good luck.  It was late at night and none was on the pier at that time.  "Man what to do now, and where I should go?" Bob thought to himself.  

Bob slowly walked off the pier and then down the sidewalk.  He made it downtown before he was apprehended by the police for questioning.  "Don't worry my family is safe and alive," said Bob.  "Well Bob you're supposed to be at the nut house.  As far as your family and the stunt you pulled, the FBI is going to check you over.  How did you kill anyone without touching them?  Are you still going to stick with your story that's on file?" asked the officer "Yeah I'll stick to the truth officer.  I'm getting tired of being held, the F.B.I. better hurry up and get here, so we can get the formalities done.  My family is in a safe house where no one can find them, and that's how it should be.  I have one year to complete my task, or else every human dies on earth if I fail.  On tv I killed millions of people, that deserved it," said Bob with no regrets in his voice.

"Just stick to that story for the F.B.I. they'll laugh at you worse than I am," said the officer.  A few hours went by without anyone talking; Bob casually read a magazine like some waiting for their doctor's appointment.  It was 4 a.m. by the time the F.B.I. showed up, and Bob was happy to see the agents, to get things in line.  "Hi Bob, this is agent Smith, and I'm agent Johnson.  You know Bob the only ones left in prison are the guards and small time crooks that are alive still.  All because of you from what they say," said agent Johnson.

"The bad guys all around the world thought they could record your TV interview and use it as a weapon against us.  But they heard the tape after they took it from a TV station, and then it back fired on them.  You started a chain reaction all around the world.  The president and other high government officials now believe you, and now we want to help you.  They will indirectly fund project grim reaper.  You get help from the C.I.A. as far as intelligence, and you get a bank account with 10 million dollars in it.  Agent Smith and I will escort you to your first flight to your assignment," said agent Johnson.

"Agent Johnson before we go I want a special motorcycle to be shipped where I'm going so I can get around on my own fast and mobile.  I found a pearl white custom chopper on the way to Kalamazoo.  I could never afford one otherwise, and it may be the only time I will ever have a chance to ride one in my life," explained Bob.  "Hey consider it done Bob, we'll ship you out with it at the airport in Kalamazoo," said agent Smith without any argument.  

"Thank you for your help, and the chopper guys, dudes I'm so hungry I could it a horse.  You guys I know a nice place to eat breakfast in my home town of Bangor," begged Bob.  Bob and the agents decided to stop and eat breakfast in Bangor on the way.  Sitting in the restaurant with two agents looked out of place.  Most everyone knew by now who he was sitting with two men in suits.  One thing lingering in Bob's head was the thought that this all went too easy.  Something was up so Bob decided to play along.  All three of them sat down, and while waiting for the food, they talked about what had happened to people.  Like any small town restaurant everyone would listen in on what they were talking about.  
"Bob do you know how that device works that's grown into your skin," asked agent Smith?  Johnson kept silent as Bob explained how some people die and others live.  "Well I noticed when a person likes to kill or oppress people; their negative energy surrounds the outside of their body.  When someone good walks by these people that person feels a pulling feeling.  A killers negative is like a poison that drains others energy; this energy can't be hidden no matter what they try to do.  The aliens also use this for a communicator with me," explained Bob without any fear of hiding the truth.

"Hey before we go I need to check in and make sure the plane is ready," said agent Johnson.  Agent Johnson went outside on his cell phone, making sure nobody was around like he was hiding something.  "Yes this is agent Johnson checking in, yes sir Bob doesn't suspect a thing sir.  We'll keep him out of the country until the U.N. summit is done," said Johnson.  He calmly made his way back in after hanging up, and sat back down at the table.  The three of them rubbed their bellies and made their way out to the car.

"Ahh that was good, we need to get going to stay on schedule.  Bob let's get going now," said agent Johnson.  They made their way out to the car, when they heard shots from a rifle aimed in their direction at Bob.  Nothing hit Bob, a few feet in front of Bob the bullets seemed to turn to dust.  Bob pointed in the direction of the shots and said, "Die".  The energy blew the two agents to the ground away from Bob when he spoke.  Everything where Bob stood was melted and scorched, and everything in the direction of the shot withered and died in a 20 foot wide strip.  The trees leaves turned brown instantly.  The sniper screamed out holding his ears he stood up and then turned to dust.

The three of them decided to leave after what happened.  They headed toward Kalamazoo, and on the way was his motorcycle to be.  When they pulled in the driveway the owner wondered if everything was all right.  When he saw the two suits follow Bob out of the car he thought that Bob was in a lot of trouble, until he recognized Bob.

 Bob knew by the look on his face that he had seen him on the news.  "Dude they're the F.B.I. and they're helping me fund this sweet piece of rolling art work," Bob casually said as if he was sipping on some wine looking at paintings in an art gallery.  "Yah Bob I recognize you, do what you have to do to save the world right.  Too bad there's not another way dude," the owner said in a sad tone as he handed Bob the title and took the money from the agents.

 "Some people don't take me as the one who saves the world, but as a threat.  Some important people don't want me to go to the U.N. summit, right agent Smith, and Johnson," asked Bob?  "Bob we're just following orders," Johnson replied.  "Well I'll tell you what Johnson, you tell whoever it takes, to save me a seat at the U.N. summit.  I'll ride there on the chopper to have it set up in time or else," Bob said with a rebellious attitude.  "Bob people will try to kill you on your way, some high level hit men," Johnson said trying to talk Bob out of it.  

"They'll fail badly, if they only knew the powers I know now," Bob replied with a smile on his face.  Bob took a cell phone from agent Johnson to keep in touch with the progress in speaking at the U.N. summit.  Then Bob started up the chopper with a loud roar, shaking the ground around him.  He popped the clutch and stared at the agents as he left and made a peace sign with his fingers.  "But the peace sign can also stand for victory Bob," Bob2 mentally spoke to Bob like an extra guardian angel or small voice in his head.

Then off to the east on the chopper, heading to Detroit then over to Ohio to stay the night.  On the way around Detroit the agents stopped tailing Bob, like there was somewhere more import to be.  But Bob knew deep down there were other tails he didn't notice.  Because he would get that funny feeling like someone's watching you but when you look around you don't see anyone.

Bob's feeling was right he was being watched, while Johnson and Smith were call back to South Haven, to check on a lead on all the death's Bob caused on the television.  A local palm reader went to the police station and told the police that she had seen an important detail that she could only tell the agents, and no one else.  So they hurried back to the police station with thoughts that they may be able to stop Bob after all.

The lady waited patiently until the agents arrived in the station.  "What have you got for us to use miss?  This is an important investigation, and we don't have time to just talk to everyone," agent Smith snipped at the fortune teller.  "Well please have the officers leave the room so I can tell you what you need to know," said the fortune teller.  

When the officers left the room she was ready to tell them.  "Do you have a video tape of what Bob did," asked the lady?  Agent motioned to the television set in the room, where it started to show the news interview.  "Okay right here where his chest glows it starts to involve the spiritual realm not just this one," explained the palm reader.

"Lady is this some sort of publicity stunt, because we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law," snipped Johnson.  As he leaned over the table at the lady, she pointed at the television.  Her eyes got big from what she seen on the television that the agents couldn't see because they were to close minded.  She two angels standing next to Bob one human and one alien.  They rushed out to the victims and it looked like they took their fingers and poked them into the victim's ears.  

The lady shook in fear when seeing it again.  "You guys won't believe what I see right now that you can't, it's, it's two, two, uh," the lady stuttered in fear.  Before she could finish, the angels on the video turned to the direction of the lady, and put their finger on their mouth, and said "shush"!  The lady fell from the chair and hid under the table in fear.  The agents pulled her out from under the table, and noticed that her hair had a big white streak down the middle of her head.  

The fortune teller tried to speak but no sound came from her mouth.  She held her throat like to let them know she couldn't speak.  The agents felt sorry for the lady and sent her to the hospital to get checked over for shock.  Some rare cases where people get scared bad enough from car wrecks or something else will cause their hair to turn white Johnson remembered.

Bob made it to a hotel along highway 80, so he could relax and get prepared for the next day.  While Bob got a room and plopped on the bed to relax, his wife and kids relaxed and watched his progress from time to time on a viewer.  Bob's family kept busy with Bob2's family, looking around the ship.  

The family was kept active so they wouldn't worry and be depressed.  Sue2 decided to have Sue teach human crafts to the children on the ship.  Bob Jr. was asked to teach skateboarding to the children on the ship with Bob Jr.2's help.  Beth was kept busy teaching human dance, tap and ballet.  Sue2 showed Bob's family how to talk to Bob on the viewer.

Bob Jr. was teaching seven children to skateboard besides Bob Jr.2.  Bob Jr. 2 seemed to be able to do everything Bob Jr. could do like he did it before.  They had a small skate park approved to be made in five hours next door to the theatre.  Dance was held in the cafeteria after hours; Beth had 150 children of different ages happy to learn from her.  Sue and Sue 2 held crafts at the pool side with over 200 parents and children.

The captain of the ship liked to watch this skateboarding so much that he approved a skate tunnel to be run throughout the middle of the ship.  The tunnel would be done in one night's time.  When they wake up in the morning they would see a beautiful see through tunnel large enough for one person at a time.  At the end of this day they called Bob while he was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling.  "Hey Bob we all love you here, and get to watch you from time to time.  And we're keeping busy here teaching them things that we like doing," said Sue.  "I love you all with all my heart and always will," Bob said sounding like he had a frog in his throat.  

That night Bob decided to walk two blocks down over from the hotel to a bar.  He figured some fresh air and a couple shots of whiskey would be relaxing.  While he was walking a black suited man followed in the distance.Bob didn't like being followed so he decided to turn around and walk up to the dark suited man and ask him why he's following him.  

As Bob walked towards the man acted like he wasn't following him and just starting by.  "Hey why are you following me dude," Bob yelled.  "I was sent to follow you, wherever you go and keep track of you," said the man.  "Some of the agency wants to use you for a weapon.

They tried to find your family but couldn't, so they found your mother and brother instead.  They think that you would help them get rid of people in the government that disagree with them.  They will probably try to contact you by cell phone.  The people, who have your mother and brother, gave you a cell phone.

The people who control those agents don't want you to show up at the U.N. summit either, so be careful.  If they can't control you they may try to kill you again," said the dark suited man, with a stone face.  The man left Bob in the shadows of a dark alley, as if someone may be watching him also.  

Bob worried about what the man had said he tried to phone his mother, but no reply.  Next Bob tried contacting his brother, no reply from his phone either.  Bob knew he had to push on, for the sake of the world's survival.  

It seemed to Bob that some people didn't grasp the fact that all humans will cease to exist unless he achieves what he was set out to do.  God promised the world wouldn't end from a flood again, but may end in other ways; mass extermination could be one of them.  It's the human races fault for not evolving, too many self centered people, that had the I want attitude Bob thought.

Bob decided to turn around and just go to his room to get some rest.  But while he was sleeping, some dark figures in the woods facing the hotel were preparing to launch a missile towards Bob's room.  "Thermal indicates he's in the targeted area," said one of the dark figure's doing the scan.  "Fire, fire, fire, shoot," said the other dark figure.  The missile shot out and struck the room targeted, with a loud boom.

When the smoke cleared, the bed with Bob in it was untouched but everything around him was destroyed.  The two neighboring rooms were destroyed.  Bob was protected by an invisible shield.  Bob slowly sat up half way awake and pointed at the dark figures.  "Die," Bob softly said, and slowly lay back down to a deep sleep.

The two people instantly fell over dead, bleeding from theirs ears.  They shrieked out in pain, not having time stand up.  As Bob slept the fire department put out the fire.  The firemen tried to get to Bob to wake him and save him.  Nobody could get close enough to wake him; the shield stopped anyone from getting close.  Five hours later Bob woke up and got dressed, like nothing happened.

He made his way over to the lobby where they were serving a breakfast buffet.  The crowd of people followed him without being able to get close to him still.  Bob casually grabbed a plate of food and a cup of coffee, and sat at a table.  The manager was allowed to sit with Bob, but nobody else could.  The manager demanded he pay for the damages, but it wasn't Bob's fault.  Bob calmly said," Bill it to the people that those two work for, out there in the woods they did the damage."  

Bob kept calm and ate his food all gone, while the manager looked on.  The manager had the police check the dead bodies; they waited outside Bob's shield since the explosion had happened.  There was no way the police could get close to arrest Bob, no matter how hard they tried.  

Bob casually got up from the table and went out to his motorcycle.  Bob road the rest of the way to the U.N. summit with a police escort on the way, not of his choice. Bob was stopped one block from the summit to check for authorization to proceed.  "Sir hold here until you're okayed to proceed," said an officer.  Bob waited an hour for clearance, when suddenly Bob's cell phone rings.  

To Bob's surprise it was agent Johnson, "Bob someone has your mother and brother, and doesn't want you to speak or they'll die.  They contacted us by cell phone that was unable to trace.  Bob are you still going through with your plan," asked agent Johnson?  "I have to, so please give me clearance, and I'll figure out something with the kidnappers.  They'll probably call me by cell phone before I speak," Bob said.

"Okay Bob you're cleared to speak at the beginning of the conference in one hour," said the agent.  "Thank you agent Johnson for getting me in to speak, I hope you're assigned to me for the rest of my task," Bob asked? "Yes I am, but agent Smith won't be, he's under investigation for your attempted murder.He may also be linked to your mother and brother's kidnapping.  My orders come directly from the president.  I hope we catch them by tracing the cell phone call to you," said agent Johnson.

I hope we'll catch them because I have to speak at the summit no matter what," Bob said with worry in his voice for his mother and brother.  Bob knew that they would probably kill them no matter what he does, no witnesses.  Bob made his entrance to speak all camera's followed his every step.  

Half way his phone rings, he decided to wait to pick it up.  Just then a spokesman for one of the countries spoke out.  "I don't believe you're anything, of what people say you are.  I think you're a fraud and don't deserve to speak.  In my country we do not watch your news and shows that corrupt our country," said the spokesman.  

Buzz, buzz, buzz, Bob's phone keeps ringing, Bob opens his cell phone, he starts to glow a light blue at his chest.  This time a small blue beam shoots from his head.  The beam goes to the sky where it stops in midair, like something you couldn't see caught the light.  Just then everyone's cell phone rings in the audience or delegate's, and all over the world.

The cell phone and regular phones all rang around the world.  Then the people said "hello," in their own tongue.  It was time for Bob to prove himself to them and he said" die."  Some delegates fell dead with blood dripping out of his ears.  Many delegates didn't die but looked in fear, as the delegate that spoke out fell dead.

Luckily this time the cameras didn't catch what he said on the cell phone, and shut the cameras off after people fell dead, so it wouldn't happen on the television again.  Many people around the world died just then, and the innocent survived with great relief.

 "Oh, can I speak now, or do you want me to prove it some more?  I've been sent to carry out a task so let me speak," said Bob with an upset look on his face.  He didn't know weather his mother and brother were safe now.  But he knew he had to carry out his task.  He stepped to the microphone with great relief in his eyes.  

"Some people listening to me speak tonight think that I'm evil but I'm not, those people that died got their just rewards.  A lot sooner than they expected it's time for them to repent to God above, while crossing over to the other side.  The real angels of death give them enough time to decide.  They have a chance to apologize to each person they've killed or tormented to death before judgment is passed on to them.  The Devil is having a barbecue and they're the main course, and he's plenty hungry.

Please turn the camera's on or else, I want to speak to the world and won't speak the word that kills," said Bob with an honest look about him.  The camera people turned them on in fear of death, and motioned yes to Bob.

"Here is your warning I'm coming for you, wherever you're hiding you have one month to change your ways or else.  I have ten months left to accomplish my task or all human life as we know it will be gone forever.  These aliens aren't playing around; they're tired of us solving problems by kill.  Thank you for letting me speak," smiled Bob as he talked.

Bob left the summit building and hopped on his white chopper.  Camera's buzzed everywhere taking pictures left and right.  All the reporter's were too afraid to ask any questions, in fear of dieing.  Before he started his chopper he asked Bob2 to pick him up in his ship.Bob went half a block away, and then the ship appeared for everyone to see.

The ship sat down and Bob road right into it, almost looking like it absorbed him and his chopper.  It almost looked like the ship was alive and swallowed up Bob and the chopper.  The ship was triangle shaped and about three car lengths long, and shined like a mirror.  Then it hovered at rooftop level, waiting for the radar's to lock in on them toying with the military.

The crowd looked up with surprise as the ship turned invisible but still hovering in the same spot.  Radars were locked on from all around the area until they became invisible.  They left in a streak of light going so fast the air burned around them on purpose.  Going ten miles a second then speeding up faster to avoid thermo detections.

It was night time and easy to have the ship dive into the lake without attention.  There at the mother ship their families were waiting with open arms to greet them.  Bob2 felt the human spirit of them and their love for each other, and it felt the same way for his family.  Almost like they were linked and turning human if that was possible, leaning about more emotion then ever before.

Bob decided to all get together and have dinner like they were on vacation.  Bob thought while they were relaxing by the pool, that Bob2 was the closest thing to a best friend he ever had next to his wife.  Bob2 picked up his thoughts and smiled because he felt the same way; it was a bond without discrimination so pure that the bond would never break.  Bob all the way through his life had friends from school, work, and outside of work that always fell through except for his wife and Bob2.  

Bob motioned to Bob2 because he knew Bob2 felt his thoughts.  Everyone could tell that Bob and Bob2 were mentally burned out from the killing that they did together.  "All the faces of the people we've killed are haunting me.  No matter how bad they were you still see the faces," Bob thought to Bob2.

"Bob don't ever lose the feeling bad for the life you take, and know you're doing right for the human race.  You need to go with me to the cleansing room, where all bad memories are cleansed but not forgotten.  It's our way of keeping sane when some of us link to someone who is bad like a killer or a drug dealer etc.," said Bob2  

All the room seemed to Bob was small garden with soothing music playing and sketches of angels and what looked like their vision of what God looked like on a sketch.  And a sketch of what they depicted the Devil as being with his arms open below the other sketches.  Bob and Bob2 sat in a hot tub where the water smelled odd to Bob, like nothing he ever smelled on earth.

As Bob and Bob2 sat they had visions first of what looked like their idea of guardian angels appeared and pointed to God and toughed their hearts, and then opened their hands.  And then two other angels appeared and both Bob and Bob2 recognized them, as the ones that did the killing.  

Both angels pointed to the sketches of God and then to the Devil and then pointed to Bob and Bob2, then disappeared.  After the spiritual side of the cleansing was done it seemed like the troubles were all gone.  The cleansing affected the mind, body and spirit.

As Bob and Bob2 was leaving the room Bob thought of the pow wow that he went to of an older man told him that he would be tested beyond earth's  boundaries, and the on the spiritual plain the same would happen.  Bob never paid any thought to the old man until now and Bob wondered if the old man knew how right he was?

Bob thought about his family and about Bob2's and how they could get them to relax for a while.  "A road trip or vacation to Walt Disney World, all of us Bob2," Bob said out of the blue.  "That's what we should do; we have a month and what better way to study other people having fun.  What do you think Bob2," asked Bob?

"Okay Bob I'll try to get permission from the elders of the ship.  We'll have to get permission from the Florida area mother ships also," Bob2 said with a smile.  "Bob2 please urge them to let us go, my family never had a chance to go to Disney World.  Because we never could afford to go their," explained Bob.  "Slow down Bob they just okayed us going in the morning, it will take us 10 minutes to get their," Bob2 explained.  

Bob walked with a big smile from ear to ear as they walked to talk to their families.  As Bob told his family they let out a loud cheer of joy that made the ship's crew jump in surprise.  Oddly enough Bob2's family did the same thing, as if they were copying Bob's family in fun.  

Neither of the families could sleep with good news of a road trip.  Having the same feeling as the night before Christmas, waiting to unwrap a present.  Finally it was morning, and both families were packing swim suits and regular clothes to blend in.  One odd thing Bob noticed though was Bob2's family put on what looked like fake ears and a human sized mouth and last but not least hair wigs.

All these parts seemed to come to life and fuse with them to make them look like a regular human family.  Both families were ready to go into a large sleek looking mini-van without wheels.  Nothing was slow about this van ship.  It took 10 minutes to fly from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico.

The van was invisible for the trip and streaked into the Gulf of Mexico.  The van made a big splash and made it to the mother ship, which was three times larger than the Lake Michigan one.  All the people in the station had the same job to study humans along the Gulf shores.  Everywhere inside looked like a hotel including the pool and hot tubs.

Over from the pool was a skateboard park, mostly set up to match the Lake Michigan one.  After a long night sleep it was time to go to Disney World.  Bob and Bob2's family made their way to the van.  The van hovered as they hopped in, and then it turned invisible after they all packed into the van.  

The van shot out of the water like a missile and landed to vacant alley where the van turned visible again.  They drove the rest of the way just like hundreds of other cars and trucks zipping down the freeway.  Except for one thing they never had to stop for gas.  All of the families were full of anticipation to see the most well known amusement park of humans and aliens alike.

It seemed like the longer Bob and Bob2's families spent time together the more they bonded.  As if they were all best friends for life, like the feeling Bob and Bob2 shared.  Bob took a glance at his family as they looked the happiest that they've ever been.  "Bob2 I can't wait and the rest of you can't wait either right?  Or are you going to be quiet the whole trip everyone," asked Sue?  

"Yeah I want to see the parade, and the fireworks," yelled Beth and Beth 2 like twins talking in stereo.  "Dude I want to ride the roller coaster rides and water rides too," yelled Bob Jr. and Bob2 Jr. like in stereo.  "Okay let's all take one thing at a time, this freaks me out a little okay," said Bob with a big smile on his face.  

When they parked Bob2 handed everyone in the family a small necklace that almost looked the same as Bob's and Bob2's accept smaller.  "You need protection to wear for self defense only.  These do not kill, you can knock people out or have a defensive shield up for protection," explained Bob2.  The necklaces grew into everyone like they were alive.

They all tried most of the popular rides and were all exhausted from all the rides.  Bob and Bob2 got their meals; Bob2 stared at a man dressed in a mouse outfit.  "Hey Bob how odd this human is to hide inside that costume.  Why does he hide in there and look like a cartoon character?  I know the children like him, with the big smiles on their faces.  Yep, that must be why, right Bob," asked Bob2?  

Bob smiled and laughed, "You are absolutely right Bob2, and it cheers up the children.  And hopefully they'll enjoy the rest of the day because of it," explained Bob.  Bob2 couldn't help but watch as the man in the outfit shook hands with the children.

Nightfall was coming and it was time for the fireworks and parade.  All of them watched with delight as the parade floats were lighted with pretty colored lights that flashed and changed colors.  The parade entranced all of them, and helped them forget about the worries of the days gone by.

"Both families are tired and it's time to go," whispered Bob.  "You forgot that I already know what you're going to say remember," Bob2 said in a jokingly type of mood.  They packed in the van and made their way down the freeway.  "You know Bob2 this was a wonderful day," Bob said.  "Yeah, Bob I think so too," said Bob2.  "Yes it was a lot of fun you guys," said Sue.

"Sue I think we're all feeling like you are," said Sue2 in agreement, followed by a big yawn.  As soon as the van made it on a side road it turned invisible in a flash.  Back to Lake Michigan which only took 10 minutes.  With a big splash the van flew into the water.  I too dark for anyone to see the splash.

"Okay everyone out, and right to bed you kids we all have a long day coming up.  Bob2 and I have to monitor the progress on stopping a war in Africa.  We may have to go check it first hand," groaned Bob to the children.  The children looked at each other holding their stuffed cartoon characters with a pout on their faces.  

A month went by and the war in Africa didn't stop but got worse.  The wives could tell that Bob and Bob2 were worried about the war.  There was a feeling like the calm before the storm.  The day went by like they were minutes; their job would start back up the next day.  Besides the war in Africa, their was one also in South America.  

Special monitoring teams on the ship that help locate wars and target people.  Bob knew that they had their work cut for them as the next day arrived.  It was time to go to work on the rest of the areas.  The first stop South America in the deep jungle where a drug lord treats the workers like slaves.  The workers pray that thing would get better.

The drug lord's name wasn't even known, he dodged phones, and television broadcasts of Bob speaking.  But one thing he didn't know was all his negative energy could be picked up by Bob and Bob2.  "Bob we're going right to the source, I'm landing us on the roof of the villa," said Bob2.

Bob noticed that an armored tank was down below standing guard.  Bob decided to go through the buildings upper window and sneak around to find the target.  The man was waiting in his study watching the surveillance cameras which showed Bob sneaking in the window.  The man wheeled around with an AK-47 and started unloading the whole clip at Bob.  But all the bullets were deflected off in front of Bob.  A few bullets flew back and struck the man with the gun.

When the bullets struck the man had a look of disbelief as he struck the ground nearby.  Bob noticed a P.A. microphone, and spoke to everyone in range of hearing.  "Attention die, that is all," said Bob.  About 20 people fell to their death, and all others either thanked Bob or ran in fear.

"Bob2 meet yah on the roof we need to head to the next area like Africa," Bob said with a sigh of relief.  Bob quickly went back to the window, and out he went into the ship.  Africa was next with a dictator who has a large army that has ties with many nations that sell chemical warfare missiles.  The newspapers said that the country may have nuclear bombs from the black market, so they decided to be prepared for anything.  This was another place ready to end life on earth without any forethought.  Both Bob's thought," how smart on there part of the human race to end with a push of a button.  God would never approve so who would, you know who down below.  We say it's over today," both Bob's thought.

Bob was set down on the dessert with his chopper, as Bob2 was above and visible this time.  Bob managed to ride on a hardened dessert road used for cars and military tanks.  Both headed towards the capitol met by nobody in sight, until two jets flew at them and dropped two neutron bombs dead on target with Bob.  Bob shouted," the bombs are duds, and you're dead so die."  

The Bobs glowed this time and the jets fell from the sky, and the bomb's hit the ground and didn't detonate.  They moved on towards the dictator's fortress in the capitol, but on the way they were met by the dictator's army.  The army shot a flurry of rockets and cannon shells that were easily sent back at the shooters.  It was like a clear bubble bounced it back to them with great power.  

They kept moving forward with the army wounded and in disbelief stopped shooting.  The army moved out of the way to let them get through.  As they passed by Bob flipped them the middle finger in defiance, and said, "Die".Only a hundred out of 2,000 fell dead, as the Bobs zoom by and to the dictator's fortress.

Bob2 let Bob know that he was hiding in a fall out shelter miles below the surface with no way to get down to him.  There were camera's pointing at them following them as they moved.  The Bobs decided to toy with him as he watched.  Bob grabbed a piece of card board out of the garbage can and wrote little pig, little

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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