Concert Photographer

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Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Rock Photographer

Born in this world the usual way.

Innocent and full of love and happiness.

Quickly consumed by the discrimination and hatred of others because  of special needs.

Never fitting in, only with friends that liked metal.

Which made them a minority two fold besides the autism inside.

The first metal concert they ever did see was none other than Ozzy.

And stated, “Dad is this a dream?

With tears of joy of finally fitting in.

Feeling a little taste of heaven on this everyday earth, where they go through hell.

Trying to succeed, fit in, get along, have a happy life.

First assignment with their father at their side as a metal team.

Both taking pictures of  people in the metal bands.

Elbows on the stage.

Again, “Is this a dream of covering the heavy metal scene?”

Fitting in with 40, 000 plus metal friends.

“You’re living the dream,” a concert fan said as he gave them a high five.

A ray of light did shine of hope of happiness.

They could be performing on the stage some day picking up their guitar and started to play.

That moment was priceless for them and I.

As I shed a metal tear as it clinks to the ground.

I grab my guitar and play shaking the windows and earth with my sound.

By nos482 01/30/11

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