Conflict-us Among-us

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When you have a conflict what goest through your thoughts?

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Conflict-us Among-us

You say words to strike out.

Like spewing vomit with insults to start and conflict among-us.

You are Disco and I am Hard Rock and Metal.

I know I could break you just to hear your bones crack.

You like to poke stick at dogs on chains; this dog doesn’t have a chain.

Your black aura fumes out to bring people down to make you feel better.

You don’t have my permission.

I have a warrior’s code of honor.

I have more morals and ethics in my left pinkie than you do in your whole body.

As the words spew I look past your intent to test my code of honor to see if I break.

I study your motive and unseen motive and look at more than face value.

I know my ability, as a martial artist I was already visualizing the counter attack.

Knowing one’s ability but refraining from acting unless attacked.

I see your eyes are the window to your soul, I see hidden factors.

Demon sets on one shoulder and Angel sets on another.

Demon says, “break them to hear his bones crack.”

Angel says, “There is more than what is seen he is just a puppet.”
And I hold true to my warrior’s code of ethics.

My family code of honor and virtue.

For you are disco and I am (Hard Rock and Metal)

By Nosforotu Poet 06/17/12

© Copyright 2017 NoS482. All rights reserved.

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