Conform to the Norm

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This is what I spiritually feel and see.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Conform to the Norm

What is normal?  

And who has the right to decide the norm?

What is the norm that I can see.

People competing with their neighbors, what they own and who owns more.

The norms go to the same meeting places and speak only politically correct words.

The norms dress the same, act the same, and think the same.

Like perfect tools in the tool box called conformity.

Assimilate to the norm thinking inside the box.

The box thought with art, music, and any expression.

Only confined by rules of the norm.

I look in their eyes and see their transparent soul.

That is restricted to the transparent box called the norm.

Act like a robot, conform, conform.

They laugh at me because I don’t conform to the box thinking called the norm.

What they do and own doesn’t matter to me.

While I’m strumming my guitar outside I look up at the beautiful silver/white colored hawk flying close by.

Free on the winds he soars.

I choose to be everything outside the box type thought.

My self and soul freewill outside the confines of the box.

They call me a free thinker in my own little world.

Falling asleep to metal music, doing abstract paintings, poems and songs.

In life I choose freedom of thought.

By NoS482 07/11/2010

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