Divine Infinite Creationism

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This supports my other story about other life forms beyond what we can see. Say one grain of sand on a beach represents our galaxy and the beach is the universe. Say 1% even would contain intelligent life more advanced than us, wow. This supports the hieroglyphics of a spaceship and spaceman.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Divine Infinite Creationism

Over 2500 of your earth years ago the people of earth painted drawings of

my ancestors.  They stopped at earth to see how advanced the people were.  

Some of the single people on the ship decided to stay and raise families with

the inhabitants of the planet they call earth.

To know my ancestors on the palm of their hand is the letter M.

By now the planet earth should be more advanced compared to the past.  

I’m writing this as record of each galaxy that I check to find the end of

creation.  Does the universe ever end?  

The Divine One keeps creating and I research the galaxies for life like my

own.  This is my job task for the rest of my life which is 400 human years.  

First off my planet is 1,000 stars away from your planet you call earth.

My planet is 100 times the size of your earth.  I’ve evolved past making

sound from my mouth; the mouth is only for eating.  My ears are smaller

and hear better than my ancestors because of the new shape of the ears.

With a thought I can move objects or myself very quickly.  This came in

handy one time when I was at the planet 100 stars away.  The people tried to

catch me and wanted to eat me.  They circled me and at the last minute I flew above them.

The people of the planet only had spears and sticks.  They weren’t very

advanced at all.  This tells me that I’m on the right trail of finding a newly

created planet and galaxy.  

This is to answer the question does the universe ever?  The way I look at it

the universe is like your beach sand.  Each grain of sand is a galaxy that the

Divine One made.

But each grain of sand may not contain a planet that has life.  Only half of

your grains of sand have a planet that contains life.  But this beach sand

goes forever or does it?

My family was always given the job task of finding answers for the leaders

of my planet.  My ship is advanced enough to travel from galaxy to galaxy

in the mater of a few days to two weeks depending.  Your earth is a few

earth months away from where I am now.  The funny thing is that no matters

how far advanced my people are there is another race of people more


The more advanced the search becomes with volunteers using more

advanced searching devices.  We can watch a fly land on a human from

where I’m at right now.  Instead of spying on people I like watching the

television shows.

Sometimes I need to scan the people of your planet for the right people to

have joined the search for the end of creation.  The right people will never

stop looking at the stars or for answers.  Their brain would give off a

different energy compared to others.  These people would be searching the

skies for my ship or my brothers and sisters ships.

It always seems like the further we can see the further out the universe goes,

more and more being created all the time.  My next stop is a planet more

advanced than my own and the people are more evolved than I am.  They

look like me but they can teleport just by thought.

These people are made of pure energy inside underneath the skin.  They are

bringing a device that can see a thousand stars away.  The people glow in

the dark.

When my ship appeared to pick them up they teleported inside already by

thought.  On to the next galaxy to check on human type life.  On the life

containing planet here there are people like me that are evolved and also

they are fur covered.  

Their fur is shaved with different designs to look more refined and

appealing to new life.  On your planet they call them sasquach where one of

their space ships crashed.  People look at them as monsters on earth.  One

volunteer to pick up in quest to find the end of creation.

The one volunteer that I pickup communicate through thought like me and

the others.  This makes it easy to communicate without learning a language,

because thought is like watching one of your television shows without the

sound making sense.

The pure energy beings have set up the long range scanner devise but needs

a planets magnetic energy to run the equipment.  This area will be on planet

earth at an area you call Stone Henge.

Next stop earth to first pick up volunteers to join us on our quest.  One

person and his family are located by a large body of water called Lake

Michigan.  The other is a researcher of Stone Henge that’s been studying all

unknown things.

As we near earth I find many styles of scanning devices searching the skies.  

We have a hiding device that makes my 3 mile long ship invisible to sight

and detection.  The one volunteer would only come if his family could, so

here they are all eight of them.

They make noise out of where they eat, their thoughts go out but none of the

others stop and listen.  They will need training to communicate with the rest

of the ship.  When I went down to their home I explained to them of the


The others assist them to the living quarters, and on to Stone Henge.  The

researcher is around the stones studying the markings.  One marking is a

warning of great power and not to misuse it.  So much power that I could

explode the entire planet.

As I ascend down to the researcher the others hook up the device.  The scan

reached 3,000 stars out and it looks like no end.  Off and away from the

planet earth we go with our volunteers.  We are heading for the 3,000th star

to rescan again, will there be and end to this??

By nos482 05/23/08.

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