Dream Interpretation

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How do you do you see dreams? Hidden meaning in some of it?

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Dream interpretation

I had a dream just like the rest that I write.

I found a large pot of gold in some woods hidden until now.

Grabbing the pot and pouring the contents out to look for any hidden dangers.

The gold fell everywhere, my first thoughts were, "I'm going to be rich and have an easy life from now on."

But on top the pile of gold was a black snake wiggling and squirming, probably a poisonous black momba.

On the pile I watched as the snake changed and grew legs and fin like tail.

The head changed into a small dragon’s head and black spots on the body.

Guarding the gold was its task.

“If I catch it by the head I'll be able to be rich,” I thought.

And as I reached for what I thought was the head was the tail.

One of the spots on the body became the eyes at the tail and opened in the middle of the tail were fangs.

Did I get bite?

Some say the snake is a symbol of wisdom in the dreams.

When you think you have it made on the way to the easy life of being rich.

There is hidden dangers and you think you have it safely controlled but you find out different.

Dreams sometimes have an inner meaning?
By NoS482 10-03-09

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