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Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014




The Half-a-life
Their eyes wide open looking but is blind to see.
One looks but doesn't see.
One tastes but doesn't savor.
One touches but doesn't feel.
One speaks hollow words without honesty and substance to back their words, uttered breathlessly.
One likes but never loves.
One lears without understanding.
Cares more about material posetions than good friends and family.
Living life always looking over their shoulder because of the people they've done wrong.
Relying on drugs and alcohol like a crutch, which is a monkey on your back.
The monkey always clawed into the back, whispering, "let's play".
The monkey the puppetmaster and the half-a-life the puppet.
The monkey on the back becomes more important than family.
Just to exsist without honor.
To not believe in any afterlife.
nosforotu poet (Dan Spratt) 2-2-13

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