I am me and people are we

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It started as a song idea and jelled into a mix of many of my poems combined with how I feel sometimes. Can you relate to this poem?

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



I Am Me and People are we
Sometimes I feel like I’m an alien looking at the human race from the outside looking in.
Studying the people that act like they can get away with anything and God isn’t watching until their last final hour of their life.
People looking at me like I can’t see but I see right into their soul.
At times it feels like I’m falling apart from the inside out there’s no shadow of doubt.
The light going dim in the depths of my soul and I feel like I’m going to implode.
This light I know never fades out you know.
Then I explode outward to supernova with God’s help.
I sing my songs of world peace.
But there’s to many people with deaf eyes and blind ears, and deaf ears and blind eyes.
If people could hear what I see and see what I hear.
They say I’m in my own little world but they’re world is material greed.
But mine is life eternity with the holy trinity as part of my family.
So just break away from what other people say and have God as part of your family.
Why are we here? And what do we fear the most.
People just wish they could kick me when I’m down but they don’t realize that God helps me when I’m down.
And that God is all around to pick me up 3 feet off the ground.
If people would ascend their self with God’s help they would find spiritual wealth.
I choose to be wealthy in the afterlife how about you?
Make peace with yourself and then peace with others and try to find your own spiritual wealth.
By Nos482 01-28-09

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