Nobody to many someone to few

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This describes part of me NoS482 and what's important in my life. Also how I see other's that I use to know from school and how they changed.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Nobody to many someone to few

This is the path of life I choose, the few are more important than the rest of the world combined.

Many are never happy with enough items or material possessions they want more.

To out do each other and throw others by the wayside that don’t have as much, but what’s not seen or owned is more important.

People I thought I knew in the past would ask, “I have this do you have that?”

And begin to laugh at my reply of no. But they can only see what they own.

But I would rather care about being beside God’s throne some day.

People these days and the world around are so materialistic that they don’t realize.

The measure of a person’s worth isn’t in what they own it’s how they live life and how they treat others.

A broken vessel trying to do what’s right.

Writing poems the Holy Spirit guides me to write.

Not a saint or a bad sinner, seeing different angles of life and other’s lives I see and that‘s just a part of me.

Never wanting to be famous for anything I do, just wanting what’s right and true.

I take no pleasure in someone else’s sorrows but pray for them in need to have a better tomorrow. And pray for the one’s that do have pleasure in this to see the error’s of their ways.

By Nos482 copyright 2007

© Copyright 2017 NoS482. All rights reserved.

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