Spontaneous Combustion Feeling

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Anger, rise above it. Ashes and flames.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Spontaneous Combustion

The blood begins to boil and they have a burning pain on the inside.
A pain that won’t subside too much energy, too much anger, too much of a mineral who knows.
Physical and Mental spontaneous combustion.
Flames and ashes.
Someone gets a cut in pay.
Spontaneous combustion.
Someone’s job just got cut.
Spontaneous combustion.
Someone’s help just got denied no hope to survive other than moving to the streets in a car or cardboard box.
Spontaneous combustion.
Flames and ashes, flames and ashes and what’s to blame.
Everyone has times where they feel the burning with anger inside.
Where you with you could grab the people that cause it.
And bring them along for the ride if you could burst into flames.
Flames and ashes.
Spontaneous combustion.
Then you’d realize to rise above the people that cause you to feel that way.  Because they just puppets.
Become the phoenix and not the flame.
Flying above the trouble with the help of God above.
By nos482 09-11-10

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