Tears of Loved Ones

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When loved ones cry and how it effects.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Tears of Loved ones

Had to much alcohol from a memory of years gone by acting a fool is what I do best.  Laughing and having a good time.
Then a quick slip of the lip to my wife the love of my life.  Her tears start to fall to the floor.
Each tear drop felt like a slug from a .44 to the heart and soul.  A piece of my heart just died and a sober feeling sets in.  Then I start to hate myself with every tear drop that falls.
The heart and soul heal with time then I wish that time would speed up so I don’t hurt inside.  
As my children grow and their feelings get hurt for one reason or another.  The tear drops begin to fall, each tear drop hits my heart and soul like a .44 slug and another piece of my heart died.  
My grandfather Johnson on a machine 2 days left of his life as he prepares for his journey.  I tell him I love him but he can’t speak.  Seconds turn into feeling like hours as the tear from him begin to fall.  Each tear feels like a slug from a .44 hitting my heart and soul and another part of me died.  
Years gone by my grandmother Johnson on a machine I tell her I love her and her tears fall then and when the angels begin to call “it’s time to come home they say.”  The chill around me and my family as we all say we loved her.  Each tear drop like a slug from a .44 to the heart and soul.  Another piece of me died too.
Other loved ones came and gone and went on their journey and their tears would fall each time like a .44 slug to the heart and soul and a piece of me died too.  And each time my heart would heal knowing they were in a better place in heaven.
I learned to change arguments to disagreements and tears wouldn’t have to fall at all.  Life’s lessons learned from it all.  
Love family and friends like there may not be a tomorrow.  Try to live with physical and spiritual clarity is my path.  I’m sure God and the angels cried when Jesus died on the cross each tear drop painful to them all.
In place of arguments have disagreements.
In place of not hearing listen with your heart and soul.  This is me nobody to many someone to few.  By nosforotu poet 09-10-10

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