The Forgotten Children of Discrimination

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This is base on my life observations of myself and what has happened to my children and friends. Children are cruel to children and usually taught this from their parents.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



The Forgotten Children of Discrimination

I write for the tears that all the children with special needs have cried, and no one cared.

Oh God above can you hear their pleads of children of special needs as they walk down the halls in school, where the kids are so cruel.

They trip him or her to see them fall to the floor in a blur.  

They know betrayal after all from a so called friend is nothing new after all.  

They dread the next day where they have to make it down that same hall, with one less friend after all.

Because they’re too ADD, too ADHD, too slow, wheel chair bound, or just different from the in crowd.  

Maybe an illness or birth defect they don’t care, cruel is cool in the schools.  

People love to discriminate the people with special needs, it’s equal in every race, the same outcome takes place.

Because a child with special needs is most easy target so it seems.  

They love to kick them when they’re down; no matter where you live it’s the same outcome that takes place.  

Dad and mom, or the schools say lets pretend there’s nothing wrong, it’s the same old song.  

When will people learn to stop, take notice and change the tide of discrimination?  

For maybe one day they have a child with special needs, and see the same discrimination.  

Some may be dieing of a special disease, what do they care it’s not them crying on their knees.  

And even as an adult, who can we blame?  

Who is at fault?  

Why does it go on, it’s same old song.  

Then one day it happens, it’s judgment day, and God All Mighty says, “Why did you do this, they felt hell on earth for what it’s worth.”  

And what would you say?

You were okay, you think cared no way, you beg and plead, you didn’t mean to miss treat the ones with special needs.  

Where will your soul go, God above only knows.  

“Hide under the rock to the left, because they’re full to the right”, say God.  

And the Devil shrieked with delight down below, because guess the people who discriminated just didn’t know.  

And God bless the people that care, and don’t forget them out there.

By Nos482 Copyright 2007

© Copyright 2017 NoS482. All rights reserved.

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